Why Do People Love Penny Slots?

You don’t need to look too far online to find a whole collection of Penny Slots. They have been given this name because you can bet from as little as one cent on each line. Some slots allow you to wager several coins – each worth a cent – on one or more lines, but they’re still know as penny slots.

Let’s see why they are as popular today as ever.

They’re affordable to bet on

This is obvious, of course, but it is one of the most important reasons why penny slots are hugely popular. Even if you only have the tiniest of budgets, you can afford to try a penny slot or two.

The number of lines you can play will determine the total spin bet, even if you do stick with a penny per line. However, if you only play a single-line slot game, that means just one cent per spin.

They are more accessible to more people

This builds on the reason we started with. Since you could play from just one cent per spin, way more people will find these games accessible to try out. We’ve seen slots that have far higher spin bets – especially the progressive jackpot ones where some of them require a bet of several dollars per spin. That’s too rich for us, and for many others.

But with a penny slot, lots of people can try it. They are also good games to check out if you have never wagered anything on slot games before.

They still produce wins and the thrill of playing

Of course, if you bet real money on a slot game, you’ve always got the chance to win real prizes. You won’t win a fortune with a penny spin bet, although some slots have features where you win a multiplier on your total bet. So, if you played five lines at one cent each, and you won a prize worth 2,000x your total bet, you’d scoop $100. That is still a nice prize for a few cents bet, don’t you think?

It doesn’t take much to realize why these slot games are so popular. Lots of software developers create slots with a one-cent bet per line, so they are accessible for as many people as possible. If you’re among them, chances are you already have some favorites of this type – and maybe some that have produced good wins too.