Boomanji Or Boom Bucks?

There are two games from Betsoft that have a boom in the title. But does that mean you're going to play a game with some real bang to it? You never know what a slot game might hold in store, so we thought we'd check out the likes of Boomanji and Boom Bucks to see what they can offer us.

Will one of these prove to be better than the other, and if so, which one will look best of the two?


If you like a lot of color, this one is for you. It features lots of fireworks, including a mixed box of fireworks that is the game's wild symbol. When this appears, they all explode, and the entire reel goes wild. It doesn't end there though - you will also see that reel fix in place and the others go through a respin. If you win more from that spin, better still! The detail in this game elevates it beyond many others, and you get to enjoy wins from right to left as well as from left to right.

Boom Bucks

While the Boomanji slot features sharp graphics and an incredible amount of detail, the Boom Bucks slot goes back in time. What do we mean by that? Simply that this is a basic slot based on a classic one-armed bandit. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but this has a three-reel format with five lines to bet on. You can also try and win coins to put in the Bucks Meter, with the hope of collecting whatever ends up in there.

Our verdict - which one do we love the most?

These two games might both involve a 'boom' of some kind, but they couldn't be more different from each other. In fact, we doubt you will compare the two once you get beyond the title. Those looking for a modern slots experience will no doubt prefer Boomanji, but those who love classic games will prefer Boom Bucks.

With that said, each game has some more unusual elements that could well attract a different audience than normal. Will you be a fan of either or both these slots? Whichever title you try, we sure hope you will end up with some great prizes if you do get to grips with the way they both work. We doubt you'll be disappointed, no matter which one you try.