Action Wheel Slots

We've come across a few slot games with wheels involved one way or another. We've got yet another one here to look at, but since the wheel is mentioned in the title, does this mean we have a different game to play instead of one that only offers bonuses by way of that wheel?

Upon loading this game, it becomes apparent the wheel is an integral part of the game. But does it look just how you imagined it would?

Reels and win lines

There are three reels in this slot, which looks just like a standard slot machine in a casino. But each one has three icons on it, which means we've got ample room to bet on five paylines.

Coins in use

You can bet five, 10, 20, or 40 coins to determine which area of the paytable your prizes will come from. Each coin you play is worth from a cent to a dollar, and the top bet here is $40.

Action Wheel special symbols

You'll see the star symbol is an important element in this game. It appears with a 200x bet prize in the basic game paytable - yes, you have several paytables here and it can make the game look confusing to start with, but don't worry, you'll get used to it.

You will also spot the star could pay up to 1,000x your bet whenever it appears in a bigger-bet win. The action wheel itself is in the top center of the game screen. Whenever you win something, you choose whether you want to collect that amount or gamble it. Gambling means you could win more… but it also means you could miss out on what you already won in trying to get a bigger prize.

Are there bonuses to be won in this slot?

No, the game doesn't include any bonus elements. The one thing you should be aware of is you need to collect base game credits to win through to the upper levels of the game. As such, this is a basic slot game that has a little more to offer than it might at first seem.

Download and play the Action Wheel slot now!

Action Wheel won't be ideal for all players to try. However, if you like the classic slots with flashing lights and familiar buttons, it could become a nice game for you to play.