3 Cool Jackpot Games From Betsoft

Betsoft has produced lots of jackpot games, and we've unearthed three that use the jackpot title. But are these the kinds of games you will enjoy playing, or will you find other games from the Betsoft collection that suit you better?

As it turns out, all these games have some elements in common. The trick is discovering whether you like those elements, or whether there isn't quite enough here to appeal to you. Hey - there is only one way to find out, and that is to read on for some more information.

Jackpot 2000

Jackpot 2000 has a joker involved, so you probably expected to see one in the slot itself too. You'd be right there, but you will also guess correctly if you think this will be a classic slot. The traditional flashing machine is here, and while there are five paylines rather than just the one, it is a three-reel game. With a Supermeter and mystery credits to be won as well though, you never know what might occur on the very next spin…

Jackpot Ultra

Another classic here, as we explore the familiar look of the Jackpot Ultra slot game. It uses a three-reel format but again offers five lines to bet on. This too has a Supermeter, just like the game, so if you liked that one, chances are you will appreciate this one as well. There is a separate smaller set of reels at the top of the main set, so the idea is to progress to this set in the hope you can win the jackpot. There are nudges to look for here as well, so maybe one of those will nudge you in the right direction?

Jackpot Jamba

Would you guess at a party theme if you tried to play Jackpot Jamba? If so, you'd be correct. There are classic symbols in this five-reel game, including cherries and sevens, but you will also find cocktail glasses and party streamers here and there. If you find five party 7 icons you will get through to the bonus round, but if you manage to secure five jackpot icons on a line, the progressive jackpot will be all yours - assuming you placed the maximum bet. Otherwise, it's still a nice 5,000 coins.

Will any of these games appeal to you the next time you want to play a three-reel slot? If so, we hope you hit the jackpot.