Graveyard Shift Slots

A new game has just been launched and it has a new story to be told, its called the Graveyard Shift Slots Game, this is a new avenue to explore for players as it has a fun atmosphere with a zany Gothic touch, all this to increase your gaming revenues.

The Zombies are visiting town, you will find the graphics all amazing and the sound effects just eerie enough to send some chills down the spine. And even more exciting when the five reels spin and three or more of the treasure chests appear, there is a amazing 7680 bonus points to be grabbed.

Beginning with a low bet of one penny per line you can increase your betting up to $5 on the twenty five paylines a maximum bet of $125 which is enough risk for those high rollers. The Scatter symbol is one of the importance ones because three or more give free spins and the free spins are just amazing, hit three and you get seven free spins, hit four scatters and you will get twenty free spins, get five then you will hit the top league with 50 free spins!

After any win a gamble opportunity arises, choose to take a chance to double your money, choose black or red, guess right and watch your account grow, get it wrong then sadly you lose your win. For chills, thrills and great excitement get playing on Graveyard Shift Slots Game .