What Is The Double Down Casino?

Have you heard of the Double Down Casino? If you are a regular user of Facebook maybe you have, or maybe you know it comes as an app you can download for free. This is just one way to start enjoying true casino games on your phone or your tablet, and via Facebook too, of course.

There are lots of great games to try at Double Down, and once you get this app installed on your device, you are free to give some of them a try. You will find some amazing slots in the lobby of the casino, so it works in much the same way any casino would. The same controls you'd expect in any slot game will be there too, such as the lines played, the line bet, and the total bet you can stake each time. You can also look at the paytable of any game you wish to play, which again makes it easier to work out how that game will progress.

The Double Down Casino is designed for people who love playing games on their devices. You can also enjoy other features you may not find elsewhere, such as Daily Challenges and the Daily Wheel. To find out more, get the Double Down Casino on your phone now and see if it suits you.