777 Slots

If you have played a few classic slot games over the years, you will know certain symbols crop up time and again. One of them is the number seven, usually showing up in red or gold, although it has been spotted in other colors too.

Since the title of this game is 777, it does suggest the number will be important when you start playing. We’ve looked at the facts surrounding this new release to see what it gives us. Is this going to be a big hit or a damp squib? Let’s get the facts now, and then you can make up your own mind about this game.

Does 777 provide clues about the game we’re about to try?

It does, because that number does feature on the reels of the game. You will also find many other traditional elements in action here. That said, don’t expect something pure and basic. The design and a few of the game features bring this firmly into the 21st century.

The creator of the new 777 slot

Real Time Gaming (RTG) has developed this one, and we think it makes a refreshing change from the five-reel slots they’ve been delivering of late. Any classic player who thought they might have been forgotten will be delighted to see this game in action.

Does 777 come with a demo version as well as the real thing?

It does. You can get started by choosing the practice play option to see what the game has in store for you. This one won’t appeal to every slot player, although we could say that of any slot game around right now. It might hold more promise than you would believe though, even if classic slots aren’t your thing.

Can you figure out the theme in this slot?

The word classic has popped up in our review already, as has the number seven. There are no cherries here, we can tell you that… but you will find some other classic icons. Remember the bar symbols? You will spot plenty of those on these reels, delivering a nice game that is built on a classic casino theme.

Game design information

Have you played lots of games with fruit involved that are designed to look as though they are sitting inside a casino? If so, you might expect the same from this slot as well.

However, it has no cherries and no other fruits in play. The modern twist means this slot doesn’t stand on a casino floor. Instead, it has a minimal background design and has a modern feel to it we rather like.

It has also been designed to give you some easy controls underneath the reels, which is just where you would expect them to be. All very easy to get to grips with.

The basics about the 777 slot game

We have just three reels to start spinning in this game. There is a chance to spot one or two symbols per reel, although it depends on where the reels stop. Seeing just one icon is better, as it means it has landed on the payline.

One intriguing feature about 777 is that it includes a progressive jackpot. It also has a reset value of $4,200. This means even when it is awarded to someone, it resets to a nice value rather than back to zero. This suggests there will be ample interest in the game even once the jackpot has been won by somebody. To get this prize, you would need to locate three identical symbols each displaying some cards and coins on them. All three would need to land on the payline to win.

That same icon also takes on the role of the substitute – not something you can always count on in a three-reel game. It awards a 3x boost to your line prize if one helps you get a prize, whereas that increases to 9x if two appear in a winning line.

Does it have lots of paylines?

Just the one, as we mentioned above.

How much could you wager on 777?

This is unknown at the time of writing. However, RTG generally provides several options for betting on its games. We suspect that might be the case here too. We don’t know whether the presence of the jackpot means you might need to wager more to be able to play, though.

Where is the paytable hiding?

It’s not hiding at all, as you will see when the game gets underway. It appears on the right of the reels, so you can always refer to it before, during, and after playing the game.

Is there a bonus feature to find?

No, but the game does have a hold feature. if you get a prize on a spin, you will see the hold feature come into play. You do not need to use it, but if you decide to, you will see a wager at the bottom of each reel. If you wish to hold a reel and spin the others again, you will wager the amount shown under your selected reel.

This feature is much like an original one-armed bandit, yet it feels like a modern addition here. It is worth mentioning that a prize can only be won by holding a reel if that prize is bigger than the one that triggered the feature. Try a few practice spins to see how it works before doing it for real.

Can you secure any free spins?

No, this game doesn’t provide these.

Do we know what the RTP is for this game?

Not yet, but we think it will become apparent once the game has been released and lots of people start trying it out.

How highly do we rate the 777 slot game?

We think this one deserves 7 points out of 10. A pun, perhaps, given the title? Yes, maybe… but it is a good game without any stunning features. We guess some will appreciate the hold feature, and there is the progressive jackpot to go for as well. The wild is good to know about too.

Will we get news of jackpot winners soon?

Assuming the game is released with the jackpot standing at $4,200, it is likely to get lots of attention from the start. No one can ever tell how long a jackpot will continue to grow prior to being won. We shall be watching to see whether the news comes sooner rather than later, though.

Trying the practice version of this game

You can check out this version of 777 prior to doing anything else. This is always the best way to see if a game has enough to persuade you to part with some of your budget for playing online slots.

Trying the real version instead

This plays out the same as the demo, of course, except you are wagering proper bets on it from your casino account balance. Will you move from the practice version to this version, we wonder?

Can you try the 777 game on a mobile platform?

Yes, since all new releases from Real Time Gaming are designed for all available gaming platforms, mobile devices included. Grab your Android tablet or smartphone and load the new 777 slot upon its release. Alternatively, you can play it on an iOS device, a Windows device, or maybe even a Blackberry. It’s your choice, but we think you will enjoy what you see in this game regardless of how you reach it to start with.