Butterflies Slots

Anyone who is a fan of online casino gaming slots has heard the name Vegas Technologies. Although smaller than other software outlets, the playability of their games tends to be gigantic and attractive. Their software is highly-respected for turning out some of the most visually impressive video slots around, and this remains the case with their Butterflies slots outing. A non-progressive 5 reel, 25 payline standard, Butterflies slots has an absolutely mesmerizing jackpot of $70,000. Never fear, however; as a non-progressive, low-rollers and high-rollers alike are eligible to play and win this pot that can literally buy you a house.

Betting starts from a paltry penny, on up to a head-turning $250 per payline; Butterflies has the Wild symbol, Scatter symbol (no Multiplier, understandably – with such a large jackpot, the House wants to be able to actually pay its winners!), the normal card suits 9 through Ace, and a bevy of butterfly stages and accessories. There are mushrooms, slugs and flower symbols in this pristine and colorful land of magic, topped off with an enchanting score that pulls you ever deeper into the game. Just head on over to Liberty Slots casino and download now to immerse yourself into the soft and colorful world of Butterflies and blossoms.

With Butterflies Slots, It's Always Springtime

As you watch the blue and green butterflies flit across the reels to your impending mini-fortune, you'll be lucky to land on the flower symbol, which functions as the Scatter in butterfly slots. It is impervious to change, even by the Wild (who knew that butterflies had homes? The Wild symbol is a magical butterfly cottage) that will deliver you into the bonus round, where the appearance of five blue-winged butterflies on the reels is the signal that the vaunted jackpot is all yours.

There are other aspects of Butterfly that make browsing over to Liberty Slots casino and downloading this now from the US-friendly online haven for casino gamers a worthwhile escape. The butterfly home is such an important and powerful symbol, it causes an in-game butterfly to flit across your screen and change each symbol into its exact likeness, garnering you even more winnings. You will be mesmerized by the golden coins signaling cash prizes for you, which you seen when the flower symbols bloom and open up their petals to reveal the gleam beneath. The Scatter prize of $1000 max per appearance is a welcome addition to all the other possible treats that Butterfly slots has to offer – but the only way to take advantage of them is to download now .