Ja Man Slots

Any avid player of online casino games from the States knows how difficult it is to come across liberal slots that actually allow US players to engage for prize winnings. Which is why the emergence of the US friendly Ja Man Slots, by the Liberty Slots Casino-licensed Warner Gaming Technology. A scintillating casino game system all by itself, the crisp graphics and top-notch gameplay is eerily reminiscent of the industry stalwart, Vegas Technology.

As for Ja Man Slots itself, if the name sounds at all familiar, you’re probably thinking of the popular Jamaican inflection – and you would be right. One look at the reels tells you all you need to know: strap in, because you’re in for a night of island fun. Some even characterize this slot marvel as one of the best played for real money; its 5 reels and 25 paylines has Bonus slot games for instant play if you simply head on over to Liberty Slots Casino and download now.

Symbols of Ja Man Slots

The deeply cultural Rastafarian religion is what characterizes Ja Man Slots; and, you will see evidence of the strength of the Old Gods’ conviction splayed across the reels. There are the normal card suits, as well as the characteristically pristine Jamaican beach background. You chances of going home with the 5000 coin jackpot depends upon the prominent Jamaican Man symbol, beach drums, the traditional hut symbol, the ethnic amulet symbol and the Jamaican Woman symbol. Get these in the appropriate combinations and you’ll see why everyone goes crazy over Ja Man Slots!

Ja Man Slots has the ever-useful Wild, which is represented by the warrior-like Jamaican Man and can be employed in winning combinations of symbols to further enhance the take. The Scatter symbol is also present, in the form of the beach hut; Ja Man Slots free spins – in the amounts of 15-25 – pop up when you are able to land 3 beach hut Scatters anywhere on the reels at the same time. To add to your potential bounty, there are fantastic Multipliers added to your result during one of the free spins you get from hitting 3 Scatters. The Jamaican Woman might be the one you want most of all: get 5 of these symbols on a payline and the jackpot is yours.

Ja Man More Game Details

You can play a wide range of bets when you download now at Liberty Slots and experience the riches available in Ja Man Slots. Although the most you can bet is $250, a more conservative option is available with smaller coin denominations of a single penny or more; up to $10 as far as the single coins are worth. When deciding how to play your luck with this fan favorite game, always keep in mind that if you manage to land 3 beach hut symbols, then a jackpot of half a million dollars could very well be yours; Liberty Casino is ready to open up the coffers with Ja Man slots!

Bonus Offers at Liberty Casino

Liberty Slots Wager Gaming Technology is simply the best, US player friendly platform from which to launch Ja Man Slots. Not only is it fun, but also highly intuitive; so the new casino slots player need not be daunted by the prospect of trying to learn new software to enjoy himself/herself. When you download now, Liberty Slots Casino offers you a full match to whatever deposit you put down; up to $100. Playing online casino games has entered a new age of fun, generosity and fair play.