Supernova Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

We’ve spotted plenty of $20 chips to be claimed. Some casinos only offer five or ten dollars, while others offer much more. Whatever you get though, it’s a free chip, remember?

Let’s look at how a free play code could change the way you play at Supernova Casino. Games such as Golden Gorilla, Gnome Sweet Home, and Lion’s Roar are waiting, so are you going to find out more?

How much action could you get from a single free play code?

This is where it is worth thinking about which slots offer which bet amounts. Let’s say you’ve picked up a $20 free play code for Supernova Casino. Very often, codes don’t place any limits on the games you can play with them. You might be restricted from trying the casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, and other table games. However, all the slots are generally going to be permitted during play while you’re using those bonus funds.

So, that means you should consider the minimum wagering options for each game if you’ve found a few you like. One slot might have 20 fixed paylines with a one-cent minimum per line. That means you’re wagering 20 cents per spin. Your $20 free chip would get you 100 spins on that game. Wow!

Let’s say, though, that you spotted a three-reel, single-line game you liked the look of at Supernova. That game might require a five-cent minimum per coin. That’s higher than the other slot, but since you’re only betting on one line, you’re playing five cents per spin. That means you would get 400 spins on that slot.

If you found a slot offering a minimum $1 bet per spin though, suddenly you’re down to just 20 spins for your $20 free chip. You can see how looking at this aspect of the game is vital if you’re going to squeeze the best action out of your no deposit bonus code or free chip at Supernova Casino.

So, view your chip as a great way to explore more than one casino game if you can. It makes sense to go for minimum bets throughout, as this means you can try a few slots you’ve never found or played before. We cannot promise Supernova prizes, but hey, who knows?