Exterminator Slots

Exterminator Slots
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With the recent release of Betsoft’s brand new 3D slot game The Exterminator, it seems that the premier casino game software developer’s graphics engine just keeps getting better and better. Dazzling almost to a fault, the crisp animation follows the adventures of an exterminator, bugs and a resourceful raccoon in a cartoonish romp through and around a log cabin in pristine woodland country. This 5 reel, 30 payline slot game has plenty of fun extras, such as catchy theme music, arcade-quality effects and Pixar-quality graphics.

An Exterminator and His Critters

Wait till you get a load of the characters in this new Betsoft selection. In addition to Alvin Goodman the Exterminator, himself appearing on the reels, there’s the raccoon, symbols calling for the downfall of bugs, trash bins, virtual bug warzones, and a jungle denizen. You will use these eight core icons to help you walk away with potentially more than you came in with. Any active payline with three icons going in the usual direction – from left-to-right – pay out handsomely. A quick rundown of what The Exterminator has to offer:

A whopping jackpot of $12,500 – not including what you can win with the in-game bonuses

  • There’s a minimum bet of just 2 cents
  • The maximum coin bet is $75-$150, depending on where you play The Exterminator
  • The game offers free spins
  • The number of coins per line is 5
  • Sticky win re-spin feature – see below
  • There are bonus games

Sticky Wins Feature

Frequent players of Betsoft 3D slot games will notice that The Exterminator doesn’t have a Scatter symbol, which is generally standard fare in the newer games. However; it more than makes up for this with a new feature called the Sticky Win – which you’ll love as your winnings start to pile up. The way it works is that every time you luck into a Sticky Win, your winning combination of three symbols across the reels will suddenly freeze like a snapshot; after which an automatic re-spin will commence. It’s quite possible that win twice per manual spin!

The Wild Bonus and Doubles

When Alvin Goodman the Exterminator’s truck pops up on the reels, you have lucked into the Wild reel, which will compound your winnings even further when a Sticky Win kicks in. When your free spins round commences, the reels begin the countdown to your potential winnings; if 5 footprints show up on the reels, then the wily raccoon will give Alvin the workout of his life by making the Exterminator chase him around the entire log cabin; at the end you’ll be awarded multipliers of your starting bet randomly, between 1-5X. This Great Raccoon Chase feature is further enhanced by the games double-up feature, which has the potential to make or break your accumulated jackpot – all you have to do is pick the correct suit of the upcoming card to multiply whatever you’ve won by a factor of 2. The final bonus game involves choosing five effective methods of raccoon extermination; when you survey the screen and correctly choose where the sneaky raccoon is currently hiding, you win another prize! To top it all off, the Sticky Wins feature can even show up during both bonus rounds and free spins round, making The Exterminator 3D slot game a winner’s choice.

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The Exterminator Slots

Type3D, 5-reel, bonus
Coins per line1-5
Coin size$0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00
Max Bet$150
SymbolsAlvin the Exterminator, Doormat, Garbage Cans, Racoon Tail, Racoon, Tickets, Trap, Welcome to Racoon City Sign
Free spins15 Free Spins
Bonus round5X or More Bonus Round, Double Up Bonus Round, The Great Raccoon Chase
Fun moneyyes
Instant playyes
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