Parrot Party Slots

As far as online slots go, we would have trouble finding a brighter one than this. Splashes of color immediately get your attention… but where are the parrots? We’ll find out shortly as we check out the features included in the Parrot Party slot game. Could this be a party to remember?

Which developer created this party?

We have a Wager Gaming slot here, created with their usual flair.

It has a practice alternative to the real thing, too

Many games from Wager Gaming have both versions to choose from, and we can include Parrot Party in that as well.

Does the theme really give us a Parrot Party?

Yes, there is a party atmosphere here, so you’ve got the chance to check that out. It’s nice and light, with music coming into play as well.

This slot has an earlier game design

You shouldn’t expect to see a modern vision in this game. It’s been around for a good few years now, but the brightness and vibrant nature of the slot is still strong.

How to play the Parrot Party slot game

Are you ready for a party? Get ready for five reels of action-packed icons to start spinning. There aren’t any progressives up for grabs here, but the paytable does give you access to lots of prize amounts.

Look out for a hut appearing on the reels as this is a wild symbol. It doesn’t appear everywhere, but you can spot it on the second and fourth reels of the game. You might also see some musical notes, and while we’re not sure which notes they are or what they’d sound like, they’re scatters, so that’s good enough for us!

A neat collection of paylines

There are 25 lines to place your bets on in this slot game.

What about wagers?

If you’re keen to play, you must first pick a coin to play on each line. This can be worth between a penny and $10 a time.

Look for the red paytable button

It’s over to the left of the control panel, neatly arranged underneath the set of reels. You can access that whenever you wish, and you should do so before you play, for sure.

Get ready for the bonus feature in Parrot Party

The game offers a pick me bonus, and we always love those. You won’t need to search for scatters though – just find the wild on reels two and four on the same spin to open the bonus.

When this happens, you’re asked to select the two huts. Each one hides a multiplier of between 2x and 250x. The two amounts revealed are then added together, and that is the prize you receive from this round, multiplying your triggering wager.

No free spins in this game

Sadly, Wager Gaming decided against offering any of these to its players.

RTP information is absent here

If we come across this detail, we’ll let you know.

What did we make of this Parrot Party slot game?

This is an entertaining game based on an unusual topic – birds and music. It works, though, and aside from a lack of free spins, the bonus did offer a neat perk. This deserves 7/10.

Watch out for those bonus multipliers

The biggest outcome here would be to receive a 500x multiplier, if each hut revealed the maximum to add to the other. While few players are going to manage it, it’s a nice offer to go for if you reach this bonus.

Try the demo version of Parrot Party first

This is worth checking out if you haven’t played any Wager Gaming titles from their earlier releases. It’s great to try, but will it be the game for you?

Play for real when you join a Wager Gaming casino

We know there are a few to choose from, so watch for a welcome bonus and sign up to play the real thing if you like it.

Mobile access may not appear for this party

Since this is an earlier game from Wager Gaming, you may find it doesn’t appear alongside other mobile games from this developer.