Robin in the Woods Slots

Robin in the Woods slots is a 40 pay line video slot with bets ranging from 80 cents to $240. With every spin, you have the chance to win one of two progressive jackpots or one of several bonus features. You can win shooting games where you win cash or free spins with two different modes.

Robin and His Loot Pay Well

Robin is the highest paying symbol in Robin in the Woods slots. He pays as much as 750x. The sheriff pays up to 500x. From there, the prizes are lower but still worthwhile. The bag of gold coins and the treasure chest pay up to 150x and 250x, respectively. The lowest symbols are the wooden target heart, diamond, club, and spade, which pay 5 to 60x.

There's also the fair maiden. When she appears three times, you win free spins. You'll find that her free spins pay very well. The other way to earn cash after a spin is through the progressive jackpots. They are awarded at random. The value of these pots grows with every real money bet. It's not unusual to see them worth thousands of dollars.

The Fair Maiden's Free Spins Bonus Features

When you get three of the maiden symbols, you are shown a choice of two hearts. Make your pick. The free spins mode is revealed. You get 10 free spins and one of these two features.

  • Extended Wilds – After a spin, arrows are shot at the reels. When they hit, the reel they hit turns into a wild. If two arrows hit one reel, you gain a 2x wild reel and all prizes on that spin double.
  • Sticky Wilds – After a spin, you'll also see arrows get shot at the reels. Any spaces that are hit turn into sticky wilds for the rest of the free spins.

In addition to the free spins, there is a Golden Arrow bonus. If this happens, a golden arrow is shot at a target that appears. You'll win a prize when it hits the target. You get the “major prize” when it hits the bullseye. The middle ring and outer ring offer “minor” and “mini” prizes.

Two Other Bonuses Are Waiting

There are two other bonus features in Robin in the Woods. Both rely on arrow symbols to appear on the first and fifth reel.

If the arrows appear with the locked vault symbol on the third reel, you win the Locked Vault bonus. An arrow shoots the lock on the vault open. You'll win a random cash prize.

If the arrows appear on the two reels without the vault on the third reel, you win the Bullseye Bonus. In this feature, you win three respins with sticky wilds. The sticky wilds are determined by the archer's shot. Wherever his three arrows land, those symbols are now sticky wilds during the respins.

So many bonus features await you in this video slot. As you play, flute music adds to the game's overall ambiance. It's a lot of fun and very rewarding. Play Robin in the Woods slots today.