Superman II Slots

Superman II slots offers four progressive jackpots at random. You could win one of the big pots at any moment. Another reason you want to play this video slot are the five bonus features that capture the power of this superhero.

Superman May Fly By and Give You Extra Wilds

During the base game, poker symbols pay 10 to 50x (J and Q), 15 to 75x (K and A), and 20 to 100x (glasses and kryptonite). Two of the planet Krypton baddies (Ursa and Non) pay 25 to 150x, while General Zod pays 40 to 200x.

Lois Lane and Superman offer the third and second place payouts. Lois is worth 50 to 300x, and Superman pays 100 to 1,000x. Superman's red S pays the most at 150 to 5,000x. The S is also a wild symbol.

Superman may randomly fly across the screens during the base game. When he does, he'll turn up to four symbols into wild S symbols.

Five Bonuses Fitting This Superhero

Get three of the scatter globe symbols and play a bonus game. You're taken to a desk where newspapers are shown. Click “stop” and see what story ends up on top.

  • Battle for Metropolis – Pick a shield and win cash, kryptonite or x-ray, or the “collect” symbol. Collect ends your game, but if you have kryptonite in hand, it can cancel out a collect. An x-ray token lets you see all of the items hidden in the next level.
  • Lois and Clark Bonus – Pick red S symbols from the board and fill the meters under the four levels of prizes. Lois (purple) pays the least and is followed by Clark (yellow), Lois and Clark (blue), and Lois and Superman (red). There are wilds that fill a slot in multiple meters at once. There are also arrows that double the prizes.
  • Phantom Zone – Win an unlimited number of free spins. During the free spins, you get a grouped area that serves as a wild. With each spin, you collect a special perk. You can get a 2x or 3x multiplier, a red S, or a stopper. The red S allows you to cancel a stopper. A stopper ends your free spins.
  • Skyline Fight – Win 10 free spins. In these games, you can get an additional three free spins, an increasing multiplier that goes as high as 5x. Villains reset your multiplier counter.
  • X-Ray Vision – Win 15 free spins. When the reels top and reveal the X-ray symbol, it turns into a wild and scans the reels to find two extra wilds.

Four Progressive Jackpots Where Winning is Easy

After any spin, there's the chance the progressive jackpot bonus will trigger. To win the cash, you pick hexagons off the grid. Each one is a specific color. Those colors fill the meter found under the jackpot levels: mini, minor, major, and grand. Make sure you don't take too long to make your picks. If you wait too long, the computer will pick for you.

The prizes and ample number of bonuses make this a very rewarding game. Play Superman II slots now.