Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Classic slot games are excellent for gamblers looking for a basic experience that’s simple to understand and easy to start playing with. Goblin’s Gold Wild X is a classic slot game that’s designed to be exciting, but highly accessible at the same time. It has plenty of cool features that most other classic slots are lacking, but it doesn’t make things confusing at all in the process of offering all these cool features.

Choose your Wager Carefully

When playing Goblin’s Gold Wild X the wager you make determines what features you have available to you. When you place the minimum 1 coin wager on that single payline you cut down the prize payouts for all the different symbol combinations to half the amount or even less in the case of the top fixed jackpot. Not only do you cut down the prize payout, but you also disqualify yourself from playing the Treasure Quest Bonus. Raising your wager to two coins unlocks the full prize payouts for each of the different symbols, but leaves the bonus round locked. Going to three coins unlocks the bonus round while maintaining the maximum prize payouts as well.

With just a single payline your wager range is pretty small overall. It’s possible for you to risk as little as $0.01 with just one coin, or to go all the way up to a $15.00 wager per spin across three coins on that central payline. That’s not a huge range to work with, but it should be enough to make most gamblers comfortable as they play through round after round of this slot game.

Multiplier Wilds

Even though Goblin’s Gold Wild X is a classic style slot game it has a multiplier wild to help you create the biggest payouts possible. The 3X wild will give you a 3X multiplier when you get it along with other symbols. The wild is worth a 9X multiplier when you get two of them along with another paying symbol. Finally, if you manage to get three of these symbols you’ll get a jackpot payout of 2,500 coins. That’s not a particularly huge jackpot, but it’s large enough to help you win a mid-sized payout from the slot.

The Treasure Bonus Round

In this slot there’s a special Treasure bonus round that you unlock by wagering with three coins every time that you spin the reels. This bonus round is triggered by the Goblin symbol and will have you picking different options to try and unlock the best treasure that you can. The prizes offered during this special bonus are pretty generous and they make playing the slot a bit more exciting as well.

Using the Autoplay Feature

Goblin’s Gold Wild X has a pretty advanced autoplay feature that not only lets you set the game to go through up to 500 spins at a time without you having to press the spin button, it also allows you to choose win amounts to turn the spins off with. If you win a large enough prize the spins will stop with the proper settings and you’ll have a huge win to enjoy from the slot game without having to spin the reels at all.

Nudge Feature

Goblin’s Gold Wild X uses a special mechanic that’s like a nudge from many classic slot games. The slot basically stops in between two different symbols occasionally. When this happens it really means that you have both symbols accessible to you. The game will bump either one of the symbols into position depending on which one is the more helpful of the two. This gives you a chance to win more often and will result in more prize payouts overall. The special feature is easy to unlock and it will help you win even more cash from the game overall.

Goblin’s Gold Wild X is feature rich for being a classic slot game, but it still keeps things simple enough for you to enjoy playing the slot without feeling like you need to be an expert in slot games. If you’re looking for something easy that you can get started with this is an excellent option, and it packs jus the right feature set to make the game very fun to play.