Flea Market Slots

Have you ever visited a flea market? For some, the idea of wandering around a flea market looking for unusual items and bargains is filled with joy. For others, it doesn’t appeal.

This flea market might be very different from what you were expecting though. If you are keen to find out more, the fleas are ready to serve. Yes, we said fleas. You might get a little itchy playing this game, so be warned!

Reels and lines

We’re in basic territory here, with just three reels giving rise to a single payline to bet on.

Which coins can you play with?

Even though the slot has only one line, you can still get started with a cent on that line per spin. The biggest coin is much larger at $25, while you can also play one or two coins on the line. We think it is better to play two coins and keep the value of each one low and affordable. That’s because it means you can win the 10,000 jackpot if you get the right combination on a two-coin bet.

Flea Market special icons

Can you spot the ring appearing on the reels? This is a wild icon and replaces everything else included in the Flea Market slot game. There are multipliers involved here too. A win including a wild ring receives a 2x multiplier. Meanwhile, two rings in a winning line will produce a 4x multiplier, so that is quite generous.

Are there bonuses to be won?

No, which may not come as a huge surprise. Flea Market may have an unusual theme, but the basics of the game are just that – basic. The main attraction is that wild ring that can award one of two multipliers depending on how many you get.

Download and play the Flea Market slot today

One thing we are disappointed with is that the remaining symbols in this game don’t adhere to the theme. The theme itself might be unusual, taking a different stance on what a flea market is, but we get lots of bar symbols aside from that wild ring.

Our advice would be to take a few practice spins to see if you like it. You can then choose an affordable coin value that allows for the two-coin bet. If you’re going to play, you might as well give yourself the chance of winning those 10,000 coins, right?