High Rollers Slots

Some of us long for the 60s and 70s when disco music was good, and it was okay to wear multi-colored shirts in public. If you are missing the era of free love and VW Beetles, have lots of fun and play the High Rollers slots game to relive those memories. Players from the USA will be happy to know they are welcomed to play this slots game.

High Rollers Game Facts

If you are not a high roller, do not allow the name of this slots game to scare you. You can play the High Rollers Slots game at Bovada Casino and bet smaller amounts of money. This slots machine is not only fun, but great for players of all wallet sizes.

High Rollers consists of 3-reels and 5 paylines and 3-reels. It is a classic slots machine with a jackpot of 100 coins. Players can bet any amount from $0.05 up to $5 per payline. The jackpot is non-progressive and the maximum coin bet is 5 coins or one per line.

There are a various symbols that players will see during the game. Some of the symbols include the Rainbow T-shirt, Peace Sign, Hippie Guy, Drive-In, VW Bus and Butterfly. The game does have a wild symbol that can be substituted for other symbols on the reels. However, it is one of the few slots game that does not have a scatter symbol. With no scatter symbol, it also does not have a bonus round. The Peace Sign is the wild symbol.

Game Features

This game will be a lot of fun for all players. It does have a few unique game features as you spin the reels. One feature is that of a ladybug. It will be seen crawling across the screen after a win. Another feature to watch for is a spinning flower. It is quite animated when credits are added.

As the wild symbol, the Peace Sign will substitute for other symbols and help create a win. When the wild symbol is combined with two other VW Bus symbols, it will convert to a VW Bus symbol. When there are three VW Bus symbols occurring on the last payline, the highest jackpot possible is won for this slots game. However to win the jackpot, the player will need to bet the maximum of five coins.

High Rollers Slots game is game you have been waiting for. Relive the fun disco era while you bet to win money. This invitation is for you to play High Rollers now!