Bank on it Slots

Sometimes you can play an online slots game and really feel as if you’re right there in the casino, playing along on your favorite game. This is how you’ll feel when you try the Bank on It slots game, as it has the handles and the appearance of other slots in the background too. But what does the actual game itself have to offer?

How many reels and paylines are there?

This is a classic game that has a single payline and three reels to focus on. So you haven’t got to consider lots of payline options, since there is just the one. You can wager up to three coins on that line though, so you have some freedom here.

What are the minimum and maximum bets?

You can bet a minimum of five cents on a coin, or go up to $5. This means your minimum bet with three coins would be fifteen cents and your maximum would be $15.

Are there any special symbols you should look out for?

Yes there is a wild symbol and it’s easy to spot – it says Wild! It acts as a substitute for all other symbols except for one, which is the Piggy Bank. We’ll reveal more about this interesting symbol in just a moment.

Does this slots game have a bonus round?

Yes it does, and this is surprising for a three reel single payline slot game. It’s not so much a bonus round as a bonus feature though, because it works in a different way.

You’ll know if you’ve played these games before that the reels can sometimes stop in between symbols. If this happens on all three lines the amount you wagered on that line goes into the Piggy Bank. You’ll see the Piggy Bank amount creep up as you carry on playing.

You’ll also notice a Piggy Bank symbol on the reels, and if you get three of these on the payline, the amount in the bank gets deposited into your winnings.

Download and play the Bank on It slot game today!

If you haven’t tried Bank on It yet, download it today and give it a try. It’s a great three reel slot game and even with one payline it has a great game to offer. Watch out for that Piggy Bank, you could win the lot if you’re lucky!