Super Market Slots

Supermarkets are fine places to visit when you need food and other items. The convenience of getting everything in one place is obvious. So, we guess it was only going to be a case of waiting until a slot game creator decided to set one of their games in that location. This is our review of the online slot game called, quite simply, Supermarket. Are you ready to take a trip through the facts?

Developer information for Supermarket

There is one name to know about here, and that’s Wager Gaming.

Demo accessibility

You can try this game first if you like, and we think this is the ideal way to figure out what you think of it and whether it might fit your budget.

You can figure out the theme, can’t you?

With the single word, Supermarket, appearing as the title, there are no other clues required for you to get the theme in play in this game.

The slot offers a relevant design too

The game has a busy design, with the symbols in play offering all kinds of goods you might see in the average supermarket. Meat, cheese, vegetables, and goodies like sugared donuts all land on the reels as you play. There isn’t much room for a backdrop in this slot, but you won’t miss one.

How to play the Supermarket slot game

This is a five-reel game with ample room to allow for three icons per reel. You can also expect just a fixed jackpot in play, with no progressive anywhere in view.

Now onto the important symbols. The till is the substitute in the game, while it also offers a money off coupon as a scatter symbol. Finally, look for the shopping cart too. This is a bonus symbol, so there is even more potential here than you might think.

Fixed or variable paylines?

The game offers variable paylines, with 20 available in all. We suggest covering the lot if you can, as this means you won’t miss any potential prizes that could land.

The Wager Gaming betting range for Supermarket

The game offers coins going from a penny each up to the maximum of $10 per line. You can only play one coin on each of the 20 lines.

Check on the paytable before you play

Even if you’re starting with the demo game, we think it’s smart to check the paytable before you begin. It gives you accurate images for all the icons appearing during play.

Go for the bonus round in Supermarket slots

Yes, you do get the chance to play a bonus here, with three, four, or five shopping carts landing consecutively on any line you placed a bet on opening this round. The idea is to go shopping, but instead of paying for the goods you choose, you’ll secure prizes from them. If you unlocked the bonus with four carts, all prizes receive a 2x multiplier. If you managed to get a line of carts to trigger it, you’ll get 4x the usual prize amounts.

What about some free spins?

Even though you get a bonus round in this slot game, you can also find some free spins – 10 of them – if you get three coupons anywhere in a base game spin. All prizes receive a 2x multiplier, while the freebies can also be triggered again if you get more coupons.

RTP for Supermarket slots

Unfortunately, we do not have a firm return to player percentage to give you here.

Our rating for Supermarket slots

Is this a game worth playing? While the design shows its age now, it still manages to give us an impressive look at the theme. Make sure you get the chance to try the demo to see what it looks like. This is worthy of 8/10 despite its age, thanks to the bonus and free spin opportunities.

How much could be won in this slot?

It’s hard to tell how the bonus might work out, especially if you manage to get the 2x or 4x trigger in action. However, from the regular icons, you could net up to 10,000x your bet if you manage to find five wild tills on the same paid line.

Try the demo of Supermarket slots today

This is the best way to work out whether it has enough appeal for you to play for real. It’s safe to play as you’re only using demo coins.

Will you eventually play for real?

You can decide after playing a few rounds of the practice game. You should find this slot at all good Wager Gaming casinos today.

Look for it in mobile casinos too

It is less likely to appear there given its age, but still worth checking on in case it gets an upgrade from Wager Gaming, as some other older slots have done.