Triple Twister Slots

The Wizard of Oz may have made Dorothy's wish come true. Skip him and spin the reels of a tornado-themed slot game for your chance at winning the money you desire. Could you win one of the progressive jackpots? Will the Win-Win Feature put thousands into your hands? Find out when you play Triple Twister.

Set your preferred coin value. Go low with a penny per pay line bet or raise the stakes with the highest possible value of 25 cents. With 50 pay lines, you'll be surprised that the highest possible bet is only going to cost $12.50 per spin. Not bad considering the prizes you can win.

Ready to See What You Can Win?

In the normal game, the farmer is worth the most. He'll pay 3,333 times your coin value when he appears all five times. His wife also offers a top prize of 3,333. After that, the pig and barn come with a possible prize of 3x to 333x. The dog, windmill, and tractor are worth 5x to 150x. That's a lot of cash. Even the lowest prize of 5x to 99x isn't worth ignoring. It comes when you get matching trucks, hay bales, or buckets on an active pay line.

If those prizes don't seem appealing, just wait. When the twister wild appears in a winning combination, your winnings triple. Suddenly, the two highest prizes with the farmer and his wife skyrocket to 9,999x.

The Weather Vane Scatter's Function

Triple Twister has a weather vane that doubles as a scatter. While it pays up to 33 times your total bet, it also rewards you with nine free spins. If it appears with the twister, winnings triple. You can get two scatters and have the twister count as the third in order to trigger free spins.

During free spins, you gain one extra bonus. When the twister appears, it shifts to fill more than one reel. The amount you stand to win with two or three twisters filling the reels is astounding.

Win-Win Feature

You've completed your free spins. The amount you won was rather pathetic. In this Win-Win slot game, that's a good thing. Pathetic winnings gain you a Win-Win bonus where you'll win up to 100 times your bet. For example, if you bet $5 and you only won $5, the feature gives you an 8x bonus. You'll walk away with $45 in cash.

Need more reasons to play this bonus slot game? How about two progressive jackpots? The minor jackpot tends to be in the hundreds, while the major is worth thousands. The only way to win these jackpots is by playing the game. They're randomly awarded, so you could win at any second. Play Triple Twister now and see if you'll walk away with thousands in cash.