Toy Box Slots

When was the last time you looked in a toy box to see what was in there? We guess it was probably a long time ago – maybe when you had a toybox of your own as a child. Well, we have a box of toys for you that contains more treats than you might expect. Yes, there are toys, but you will find plenty more to delight you as well.

Multipliers, wilds, and bonus wheels… all may appear when you start playing the impressive Toy Box slot.

What do we know about Toy Box slots?

What did you keep in your toybox? Maybe there were balls in there, along with a jack in the box or maybe a teddy bear. You will find all this and more inside the box in this game.

If you are expecting static symbols to appear on each spin though, get ready for a pleasant surprise. You will get the chance to watch them move around even between spins. Things get more entertaining too when you do manage to get a match prize during play.

Developer information

Have you ever heard of Parlay Games? You can thank them for developing this slot game. It stands out from many others for sure. While there have been a few slots based around toys, there is nothing else that quite matches the impressive nature of this one.

Is there a demo you can try before playing the real version?

Yes, and the demo reveals all the excitement and action on those reels. The difference between this and the real version is that on this occasion, you won’t need to part with your own cash to make some bets. The demo is loaded with some practice credits that stay within the game.

Details about the theme

The game takes place inside a toy box, of course. You can see suggestions of other toys inside the box behind the reels, but they are mere hints. The background is kept deliberately vague to allow the sharpness of the main attractions to come forth.

Does this slot boast an excellent game design?

You might already be able to guess what our answer to that question is. We love the appearance of this game. It is helped by the detailed and moving imagery we are treated to at every turn. Expect a good mix of primary colors with splashes of others along the way as well.

What type of slot is this?

Toy Box is based on five reels, and each of those shows us three toys once the reels stop spinning. The game also benefits from having a progressive jackpot in store for players to try and scoop during play. This has a minimal appearance – something of a surprise – but you can spot it above reel three of the game.

The game has a bonus feature we will cover shortly. Before we do that, we should highlight the fact it uses a jack in the box as a wild icon. The closed box appears as the wild when it appears, but this is an expanding wild. Can you guess what happens when it expands? Yes, the box pops open and you can see the jack in the box in full-height glory over the entire reel. It replaces everything else in the game, as there is no scatter here.

If you get a prize of any kind in the Toy Box slot game, watch the numbers from one to five along the leftmost side of the game screen. The next one will light up. So, if you manage another winning combination on the next spin, a 2x multiplier will be applied. Get a third prize in a row and the multiplier increases to 3x. It can go as high as 5x and will remain there for as long as you continue to get prizes. Upon a losing spin, it reverts to the original 1x value.

How many paylines should you expect?

The lines are not numbered on the game screen. However, the paytable confirms the presence of 20 of them. They are all fixed, meaning players must cover the lot with each spin.

How can you bet on the game?

Coins are worth from one cent to 50 cents and can be changed as per the controls in the bottom right section of the screen. Meanwhile, the bottom left reveals another arrow giving you the chance to wager up to five coins per line. Adjust those controls to get a suitable total bet before you play.

Where is the paytable?

The screen in the Toy Box slot game doesn’t immediately make it apparent. However, if you select the icon showing you three lines (it’s positioned top left) you can go through to the first page of the paytable. This shows you how many symbols can appear during play and what they are all worth. Other pages go into more detail about other aspects of play.

Will you spin the Wheel Bonus round into action?

This is the main thing you’ll want to achieve if you can. There are two methods for triggering the Wheel Bonus.

If you secure a match-five prize on the reels (any match five will do), you will trigger a Wheel Bonus feature. There are three possibilities here, with the triggered bonus relating to the value of the match-five prize you just won (low, medium, or high). Each wheel contains a section offering a prize, and if that is landed on, you’ll go on to spin the next wheel in sequence.

The other way you can reach this round is by getting several winning spins in a row. Of course, when this happens, the multiplier indicator will progress. Reaching the highest 5x multiplier will also trigger the bonus feature. This version of triggering the bonus will take you to the fourth wheel. The pleasing name for this is the Multiplier Wheel.

You get one spin of that wheel, and it will return you a multiplier value of at least 5x. It could also give you something as high as 100x. You then spin the base game reels once more. Any prize resulting from that spin will give you the multiplier value applied to it to calculate your prize.

Free spins not available

These are not a feature of the Toybox slot game.

Game RTP

The basic RTP for the game is 95%, but the paytable indicates we can add 1% to that to cover the progressive jackpot.

How do we rate this slot?

This must surely be a solid 8 out of 10. We would award further points if free spins were available, possibly via the inclusion of a scatter symbol. Still, that score is respectable, and we would rate it highly thanks to the presence of

Any prize winners we know of?

No, but then many players who get good prizes on these games prefer to keep them secret. Maybe we will hear of a jackpot winner in time, and if so we’ll share the news here.

Playing for entertainment’s sake: Is it worth experiencing Toy Box slots like this?

Definitely! This is a great way to learn more about what makes the game tick. You can decide whether you like it enough to go through to the regular and real version of the game. It’s a safe way to check out the possibilities.

What about changing to play for real prizes by making proper wagers?

If you decide you like what you see here, you can find Toy Box at your favorite casino featuring games from Parlay Games. Once you’ve done that, you can make a deposit and get started. Just remember to set your coin value and quantity before you do so.

Can you try opening Toy Box on your mobile device too?

Yes – this game is mobile-friendly and can be played on iOS and Android devices among others. Take your pick, choose from tablets or smartphones, and play today.