Legend of Singing Fan Slots

Some slots reveal a title so captivating that you simply must know more. We can certainly put the slot known as Legend of Singing Fan in that category. With a promising beginning coming to us via the loading page, you’ll feel as impatient as we did to find out the facts behind the title.

Developer info to start things off

You can tell plenty from the developer’s name alone, which in this case turns out to be Wager Gaming.

Demo access

If you’re wondering whether Legend of Singing Fan supplies you with the typical practice version you’d see in other titles from this developer, we can confirm the answer is yes.

Theme information to give us more details

When the game begins, it reveals enough to confirm we are heading for Asia to play the slot. Expect plenty of captivating details to help bring out the best in that theme.

Design elements involved with Legend of Singing Fan

There are lots of slots from WGS that are far older than this one, so it makes sense that we’d see lots of detail here. It’s obvious that a lot of care has gone into the game, giving us the chance to learn more and to feel drawn into the title.

How to play the Legend of Singing Fan online slot

This isn’t a progressive slot game, but it does come with five action-packed reels for you to spin. You can expect to search for two crucial icons during the game. The first of these is a magpie and this has the bonus role. The second is the fan of the title, stunning in its design and easy to see. You may notice we failed to mention a wild… and that’s because there isn’t one.

Paylines in Legend of Singing Fan

The game has 10 lines to choose from. We would suggest making sure you cover all of them, otherwise you run the risk of missing a prize that lands on an unpaid line.

Play from 10 cents a spin

This does mean we have a penny slot in view. The coins can go higher though, with Wager Gaming choosing $5 as the biggest coin available.

Make sure you read every bit of the paytable

This isn’t the standard slot fare you may expect, so you ought to take your time to read everything before spinning the game into action. We’d suggest this even for the demo game, as there are some fascinating aspects to learn more about.

Bonus feature trigger

Legend of Singing Fan includes a magpie, if you remember. You need this to appear on the first, third, and fifth reels to reveal the bonus. You then go through to the living quarters of a female warrior. She’s ready for a game of Fan Tan, and you’ll take part along with her.

The game involves pebbles, and it’s a complex one to describe, but there are more details in the paytable. A hand is dealt, and you need to select one of four boxes to find out whether the quantity of pebbles inside matches the number left after the hand. If it does match, a prize comes your way. If not, it’s back to the base game empty-handed.

There is a chance to score some free spins

This is more promising, with three, four, or five of the fans required to bring you a few free spins. You’d get five, 10, or 15 according to the fans found. These appear to play out like regular spins.

RTP details aren’t included with the game

We searched as we played and explored the paytable but could find no details about the return to player percentage anywhere.

Our rating: What did we think of the slot game?

It’s a good one, for sure, although the bonus can be disappointing. We played for a while before we triggered it, picked the wrong box, and we were back to the base game with no prize to show for our efforts. So, think of it as a true bonus, with any prize being just that – a bonus! It’s still a superb slot though, scoring eight out of 10 from our team.

Check the paytable for prize potential

It’s hard to know what you might scoop from the bonus game if you manage to get a prize there, but the paytable tells you everything else you need to know. The top labeled prize is around 1,000x your line bet.

Demo action is the ideal starting point

Legend of Singing Fan slots are fine to play in practice mode, so begin with that and see how you go from there.

Play for real as a penny slot

Remember that you can play as little as one cent per line, and with just 10 lines in play, it’s a great slot to try with a smaller budget.

You can also play on mobile

Whether you use a tablet or smartphone, you can always explore the mobile possibilities of Legend of Singing Fan slots, too.