Magic Monkey II Slots

If you tried the first Magic Monkey game, we guess you’ll want to find out more about this one. We do love a decent sequel to a previous slot, so we wondered how the Magic Monkey II slot game might pan out. Is this going to be a delight to play, or will it disappoint? It’s time to get some answers…

Who is the developer?

You can expect the same developer who came up with the first game to be behind this one – and that’s Wager Gaming.

Demo access

You can try this one if you wish, but make sure you are in demo or practice mode if you’re logged into a casino account.

Theme information for Magic Monkey II

It’s all there in the title, combining magic tricks and monkeys to give us a mix of themes in an unusual manner. Somehow, though, it does still work.

Does this game have a strong design?

It looks eye-catching, for sure, but it doesn’t break any records or win any awards. We may well be inside a castle or similar building, given the stone walls behind the reels. You’ll soon see the monkey too, sitting on a stool waiting for the game to begin.

How to play the Magic Monkey II slot

This is a five-reel game, of course, and with three symbols arriving per reel, there is plenty to watch for during the action. The game does have a fixed jackpot available, but there are no progressive possibilities there.

How many lines can you play on?

The magic begins with the addition of 25 lines.

Expect the traditional coin range from Wager Gaming

Magic Monkey II uses coins going from a penny each to $10 each, as is the case in lots of their other games.

The info button hides the paytable

It doesn’t take much to see it, though – just hit the button and you’ll see the paytable load on the following screen.

Bonuses are absent in this game

Not much to add to that.

Free spins might come into view though

You may know that monkeys love bananas. So do we, but we’re not able to grant free spins in exchange for them. This game can, as you need to find three or more bananas to earn 20 free spins. That’s a decent quantity given that you only need three to get them. Anything you manage to receive in prizes in this round gets a 2x multiplier as well.

What’s the RTP?

It turns out to be 96%. However, you should remember that this won’t play out during your session of play. It occurs across the entire life of the slot, so you may do better or worse than this.

What’s our rating?

We think this game earns 7/10 points given that it has some appealing features and stacks up well as a sequel. We’d like to see a bonus, but there is enough involved to keep things entertaining anyway.

Which symbol pays out the most?

The titular monkey manages to do this. You need him to land in every spot on one paid line to receive the top prize of 6,000 coins.

Practice play is an ideal introduction to the sequel

Even if you loved the original game, we think beginning with the demo is a sensible approach here.

Real gameplay available at participating casinos

Look for casinos with Wager Gaming titles and you’re sure to find the Magic Monkey II slot ready to play.

Mobile action might also turn up

If you prefer playing slots on your iOS or Android device, check and see whether your preferred casino also has the game on those devices.