Golden Buffalo Slots

It’s easy to find lots of online slot games based around animals. Buffalos have appeared in several of them, and we’ve got yet another one for you here as well.

Golden Buffalo looks the part, with other creature friends popping up during the action too. But is this a game you’ll want to return to again? Our slot review tells you more.

Developer information for Golden Buffalo

You’ve got a golden opportunity to play a slot game from Bovada Gaming here. Yes, the same people who are behind Bovada Casino, where you’ll find this game.

Demo accessibility

You can try this game in practice mode at this casino. It works just the same as if you were wagering for real, except you don’t need to dip into your pocket to see how it works.

A wild theme is in store

The background to the game suggests a Western setting in the wilderness. Just where you would find all the animals taking part in the game, we guess.

Golden Buffalo offers a cool design

Most of the animals appear inside circles, so they stand out from the cheaper icons (those are the usual playing card symbols). We can see wolves and racoons here, and we also spun the occasional eagle onto the reels when we tried the game. The golden buffalo appears too, of course.

What to expect when you play Golden Buffalo slots

This is a six-reel game offering four symbols on each reel, so there is a lot to look at with each spin. Fortunately, the game clearly shows any prize-winning lines when they occur. You won’t get a progressive jackpot here though.

The two most important symbols in the base game are labeled. The first is the wild, which displays that word in a circle made from gold. You can see the same mountains shown in the background inside the wild icon too. You can spot wilds on any reel except reel one, and it can show up stacked as well. Only the bonus symbol cannot be substituted by this.

The bonus acts as a scatter symbol, though it says BONUS rather than SCATTER. That’s a hint to its power, but we’ll come to that in a moment. It also has the word inside a circle, matching the wild design.

Paylines in Golden Buffalo slots

You can expect 25 lines to appear in this game.

Bets to look at before you begin

The game has a range of coins to choose from. These go from one cent to a dollar apiece. You can only place one coin per line, too.

Paytable details

The game includes a solid paytable based around the rules of the game and the identification of all the icons you might see on the reels. Check it out prior to your first spin.

Bonus features in Golden Buffalo slots

Unfortunately, there are none.

Can you get any free spins?

Yes – there are up to 25 of these available. The scatters trigger them, with a minimum of three required to do this.

The highlight of your free games is the inclusion of some wild multiplier symbols. These look different to the regular ones, because they include a random multiplier on each one. A screenshot of the game reveals values of 2x, 3x, and 5x.

Better yet, if you find more than one wild multiplier contributing to a prize, the displayed values multiply with each other. That means a far bigger boost to your winning amount than you’d expect. The best you can hope for (and we certainly hope you get this) is a massive 3,125x multiplier.

No clear RTP value

We don’t have a return to player value to share with you yet, but we’ll update this part of our report should it become available.

How much do we like this game?

Golden Buffalo feels bigger and bolder than a lot of similar slots. It doesn’t have many features, but the wild multipliers during the free games take things to a whole new level. It’s certainly worth a score of 7.5 out of 10.

Winners are going to want those big multipliers

The free games are where the biggest prizes await, with the chance of finding several of those wild multipliers. We hope you do well if you reach that stage.

Play for entertainment alone – is that enough?

You could certainly enjoy a few demo spins of Golden Buffalo without worrying about real wagers or the chance to collect real prizes. Only you can decide whether that’s as far as you want to go.

Play the real game for a quarter per spin

That is the lowest bet that covers all the paylines in this game. Would it be enough for you? Play and find out today.

Mobile gaming allows you to take the game with you

You can play this slot game on tablets and smartphones based on the Android or iOS software.