Gods of Luxor Slots

Luxor is a city steeped in history in the heart of Egypt. Many of its best-known structures have stood for centuries. Luxor is also the name of a venue in Las Vegas, but since the gods are mentioned in the title as well, we’re sure you can work out where we are going to play the Gods of Luxor slot game.

If you wish to know anything about this slot, you are in the right place to find all the answers. We’ve gone through each aspect of it for you and laid out the information here.

Developer details come first

They do, and in this case, we can tell you that the game was created by Bovada. They are most famous for Bovada Casino, of course, so you can find the game there.

Can you play a demo version?

You can, so make sure the game is set to that option before you start, if you intend to try it out first.

Ancient Egypt is our destination here

This may have been used a million times for a slot game theme, but there are good reasons for that. You can certainly expect to see the gods gracing the reels of this game, along with other familiar sights.

Design elements to look out for

Scarab beetles, several colorful characters, and a setting that befits an ancient location. All these appear in the Gods of Luxor slot game, along with some classic playing card icons decorated to fit in with the setting.

Reels, icons, and more: The building blocks of the Gods of Luxor slot

Five reels appear here, each with three symbols stopping on them. The whole reel doesn’t spin in each case; instead, you can see the icons flipping over to reveal something new when they stop. The whole game looks like it has been made from stone, with great stone slabs flipping over to show you the symbols.

The eye-catching scarab beetle scuttles into the role of the substitute icon. It won’t replace the scattered ankh symbol, but it can substitute everything else. Whenever it does help you toward a prize, it includes a 2x multiplier.

The wild can also pay out on its own, which isn’t always something you can count on. Finding five on the same paid line is the best outcome, for which the player would get 10,000x their line bet.

As for the scatter, two or more in any combination of positions over the reels would bring a scatter prize.

Paylines in Gods of Luxor

There are 20 paylines appearing in the game, and their positions are revealed in the paytable.

Place your bets…

Twenty lines make the smallest wager 20 cents when covering all of them. The largest bet goes way higher than that though, maxing out at $200.

Paytable sections

We like the design of the paytable as there are different sections for everything you may want to read about. It’s easy to switch between them to read more.

Is there a bonus in this game?

There is, and it goes by the name Wheel of Gods. It doesn’t have a known trigger, other than occurring after a winning spin. Not every winning combination will trigger it though, so we do not know how often it might appear.

When it does, you’ll see a wheel divided into seven sections. The idea is simple – spin the wheel and see which section it stops on. You can then see your prize (won on the previous base game spin that saw the wheel appear) multiplied by the value shown on the wheel. Nice!

Those scatters can get you some free spins

We are talking about the ankh, of course, and in this case we can get 15 free games whenever three or more scatters turn up in the same spin. Anything won during these games will receive a 3x boost. The only prize that doesn’t come with that multiplier is the top prize of 10,000x for the five wilds.

No published RTP for this game

Unfortunately, we cannot bring you this value.

Do we like the Gods of Luxor?

Since those gods are connected to some of the best prizes in this game (apart from the beetle, of course), the answer is yes – we do like it a lot. It is colorful, engaging, and has several entertaining elements rolled into it. It is certainly worthy of 8.5/10, don’t you think?

How big do the prizes become?

They go up to the 10,000x prize for those five wilds, although you could net a decent prize with a big multiplier from that Wheel of Gods, too.

Try the practice version for a few spins

This is the ideal introduction to the game, so you can see how entertaining it is to play.

Play for real at Bovada Casino

Since they created the game, you can find it at their casino. Sign up and look for the welcome bonus when you do.

Mobile access available too

You can always meet the gods on your Android or iOS device, playable on tablet and smartphone with the convenient touchscreen controls. Gods of Luxor certainly has a lot of perks that make it a cool slot to try.