Dim Sum Prize Slots

If you know your cuisine, you probably know what dim sum is. Rooted in Cantonese cuisine, it gives foodies the chance to sample lots of different items. Each one looks almost like a work of art, designed to be eaten in one easy parcel.

Dim Sum Prize takes this type of food and turns it into an enjoyable and fascinating slot game. Newly released and ready to play, you shouldn’t do a thing with this slot game until you have read our review.

Developer info for the new slot

Dim Sum Prize was created by Betsoft, the team behind many other notable slot game successes.

Does it include a demo version?

It does, which means you can load the demo and play it as if it were real. No prizes can be won but it does provide an opportunity to see how the game works.

A dim sum theme

We have seen various cuisines included in online slots before now. Could this be a first for dim sum? We’re not sure about that, but it certainly looks like the tastiest example we’ve seen.

The design warrants a top score

Top marks to the person who came up with this design. Everything looks so real! This is not a game to play if you love dim sum and you’re looking for something to eat for lunch, that’s for sure.

Getting started: How does the Dim Sum Prize slot work?

The game loads with five reels, each of which shows three symbols. The familiar layout of controls in Betsoft games is present here as well. There are no progressive jackpot prizes to be won along the way though.

Three symbols are worth a closer look. The Crimson Coupon is hard to miss when it appears, given its red color. This is the scatter.

The wild is a blue teapot, and Betsoft has labeled this as a Teatime Wild. Every teapot that shows up stays in that position while everything else spins again for free. This respin feature can net you up to nine respins depending on how many wilds are on the reels. That’s the maximum amount you can get in one streak.

There is a Bamboo Basket too – the steamer basket that dim sum is traditionally served in. This has another role to play and we’ll come to that later.

How many paylines?

There are 10 fixed lines in the game.

Choose your bets

The bets go from five cents per spin to $10, so this is the ideal game to play if you have a small budget to work with. Indeed, it is a rarity in that one cent covers two paylines, given the fixed 10-line format in action here.

Paytable info

You’ll find it under the reels towards the left of your screen. It shows you what all the icons look like and illustrates the possible prizes that could be won with certain combinations.

Look out for the Bonus Bamboo Basket

This basket can appear on any spin. When you spot it, get ready for the lid to be taken off. Inside, you’ll see a Teatime Wild or a Crimson Coupon. The first option would incur the usual respin. The second could make the difference between getting into the free spin round or missing out. You’d need two other coupons elsewhere for the Bamboo Basket to stand a chance of helping you like this.

Moving on to the free spins

You only receive five free games in exchange for three scattered Crimson Coupons, but they could be more powerful than you think. The wild respins can happen in these too.

The three triggering scatters also change into those Teatime Wilds before the spins begin, so you’re guaranteed at least three wilds for the duration of the games. We triggered the round a couple of times during play, and each time we got more spins than we expected.

RTP info for this new slot game

This online slot doesn’t have a clear RTP to announce just yet.

How good is Dim Sum Prize?

Only you can work out whether you like it, but we think it is worth a 9/10 rating. The Bamboo Basket adds a layer of intrigue, while the scattered coupons, free games, and wild respins make each spin more entertaining too. You never know what might happen next.

No jackpot winners here

We think the best outcomes are going to come from the free games. If you get a few respins happening to extend the round, your total prize could be better than you think.

Get started with the demo game

Dim Sum Prize is a great title to try, but if you’re unsure, the demo is the best way to introduce yourself to the game to figure out how it all works.

Should you play for real?

It costs just five cents for each spin to start with, so even if you only have a small budget, you can get plenty of mileage out of it with this game.

Play Dim Sum Prize on mobile

Tablets and smartphones with touchscreens can access the mobile version of this game. Play at your favorite Betsoft casino on Android, iOS, and more.