Khrysos Gold Slots

Did you know that Khrysos - also seen as Chrysus - was a god in Greek mythology? He wasn't one of the best-known ones of all, but he was thought to be the personification of gold. Now that we know that, you can see the title of this slot game is essentially Gold… Gold. You might also say it means the Spirit of Gold, which is a better idea! Either way, we can see where the inspiration for this slot game came from.

A game studio you may have heard of

Yes, this one comes from RTG, also known as Realtime Gaming, giving you the weight of their back catalog as proof of the possibilities in this new slot game.

Do you get a chance to play a demo?

You do, yes, and this is the ideal way to see what you think about the game before doing anything else.

An ancient mythological theme

We know this already, given the way we began this article. Greek mythology is hugely popular among many people, and it certainly captures the imagination when it comes up in a slot game.

How does it fare in the design area?

It looks promising enough, although it doesn't do anything new or thrilling in this area. We get a status on either side of the reels, and the jackpots appearing over the top of the one on the left. That's about it though.

Are you ready to play Khrysos Gold?

If so, expect to see the traditional 5 x 3 slot game here. You also get three jackpots sitting to the left of the reels - the Minor, Major, and Grand progressive amounts.

The game includes a few other characters too, one of which is labeled as a wild. It's no ordinary wild though - this is a slippery wild. It can land on any spin, and when it does so, it slips down one position on the following spin. The feature carries on until the wild disappears off the bottom of the reel. If there are two or more wilds, they all behave the same way.

There is a scatter too, shaped as a hand, and this gets a label that takes us to another part of our review a bit later on.

Plenty of paylines to look at

There are 20 of them in this slot, so you'll have lots of lines to look for some prizes on.

Sort through the betting options first

We'd advise you to do this even if you're in the demo game and you don't intend to make any real bets yet. You'll find a few coins to choose from to work out your total spin wager.

Paytable info in Khrysos Gold

You'll find it where you expected it to be - behind the info button over to the left of your screen.

Bonus features in Khrysos Gold slots

We've already mentioned the slippery wild, but this game also has some morphing wilds. If you get a slippery wild in play and another wild appears underneath it, so the slippery one drops on top of the second wild, the morphing wild feature begins. We know this sounds complicated, but it is easy to understand when you see it in action. When this occurs, you will get a complete column of wilds on the reels. They all then act as slippery wilds as explained earlier.

The slot also features a jackpot bonus round, where you must try to get as many coins on the reels as possible. Filling the grid would bring you the biggest jackpot, but there are easier triggers for the other two. Getting into the round is tricky to start with though, as you might expect… The feature is based around respins, with three to start and the count resetting to that quantity whenever new coins appear.

How can you trigger some free spins?

The slot game offers a FREE GAMES icon featuring a hand with electricity sparking from one finger. This can land on any reel, and you need to find three or more from the leftmost reel across without missing any. Three bring you five free games, but there are more available, with a chance to net up to 12 of them.

RTP for Khrysos Gold slots

As with most other Realtime Gaming slots, we have no firm idea of whether the return to player percentage on this one will be anywhere in the region of 96% - the standard minimum desired on such slots. We'll let you know if any details crop up.

Our rating: What did we make of the journey into ancient Greek myth?

Khrysos is far from the most famous Greek gods, but it's refreshing to see a few new ones cropping up. This slot game treads some old ground, particularly with the slippery wilds and the coin bonus round with respins, but it offers plenty of entertainment, nonetheless. A solid 8/10 in this case, we believe.

Stay alert for news of upcoming jackpot winners

As this is a new release, it could take a while before we get news of the first person to scoop one of those three jackpots. And we don't know how high any of those jackpots could get before that happens…

Demo play is perfect to find out more about Khrysos Gold slots

You'll find the slot at all decent RTG casinos, so find one you can sign up for and check out the practice version first.

You might eventually switch to the real thing

This requires casino membership, of course, but you can select your preferred bets if you choose to join and play the real version.

Expect mobile access as well

The game is new from RTG, so of course, you can certainly play on iOS and Android as well.