How to Make Casino Bitcoin Deposits

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Most people are aware of the use of various types of crypto-currencies for a variety of types of online and in-person transactions. While there are multiple crypto-currencies in use, Bitcoin is the most recognized.

Bitcoin is now accepted at several online casinos. Players will find the security, the low or no-fee transactions and the speed of access to funds deposited to the casino using Bitcoin make it a superior option to traditional wire transfers or credit and debit card deposits.

To prepare to use Bitcoin at an online casino, there are three simple steps players will need to follow.

Obtain a Bitcoin Wallet

There are web wallets for Bitcoin, which can be accessed through mobile devices or computers. There are also software wallets which offer maximum security but require a download, so they are not suitable for all mobile devices.

The Bitcoin wallet will be used to keep your Bitcoins as well as to make deposits and withdrawals to and from the casino account. Check the reputation of the Bitcoin wallet and read reviews before making a choice.

Find a Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin exchanges, like wallets, should be carefully reviewed. Most are reputable exchanges, but always do your research before providing your credit card, debit card or bank information. These exchanges are not regulated by any government or financial authority.

Buying Bitcoin is just like any type of currency exchange. You will request a specific Bitcoin amount and pay for the crypto-currency. The amount you buy is deposited into the Bitcoin wallet installed on your computer or through your mobile device. You will provide the exchange with your wallet address for the deposit to occur. It is typically completed within an hour or less, depending on traffic and other factors.

Making A Bitcoin Deposit

Once the Bitcoin is in your wallet, simply log into your casino account. Go to the deposit page and choose Bitcoin as the deposit method. You will be prompted to provide your wallet address, with the funds usually in your account immediately or within a very short period of time.