Lucky Legend Slots

What does Lucky Legend mean? Does it suggest any hints about the theme for this game? The legend part of it certainly does, and we always hope we'll be lucky while playing any game like this. So, keeping those things in mind, we decided to check out the Lucky Legend online slot, so we could work out what's involved.

Who is the developer?

It looks like the game comes from a little-known team called Aspect Gaming. It has a charm to it that's hard to deny, despite the more basic graphics involved in this one.

Does it include the chance to play a demo version?

Yes, it does, which means you can see whether the basic graphics hold enough appeal for you before diving into the real version for paid wagers.

What does the theme offer?

It looks as if we are in a fairytale setting here, with a princess, a magical book of some sort - a spell book, perhaps - and a potion.

Don't expect anything too detailed in this design

We're not trying to put you off by saying that though, as the game holds lots of potential in terms of features. There are a few things here you may recognize from other games, but you'll soon see how you might also appreciate this one.

How to play the Lucky Legend online slot game

If you guessed this would have five reels and three rows of icons across them, well done… you are correct. There is a wild and a scatter involved too, and they're both represented by the same thing - that spell book we mentioned just now. Yes, this is a combined symbol, and you might now think of a few other 'Book of' slots based on the same idea. At least this one has gone for a different title format. There's no progressive jackpot here though.

How many paylines will you find in Lucky Legend slots?

There are 10 involved in this game, and you'll need to play all of them as the creators have fixed them in position.

Betting options in Lucky Legend

Your betting options go from two cents per line to a dollar, so they keep things at the lower end of the betting stakes here.

Is it easy to spot the paytable?

Look for the cog and then choose the question mark to reach the paytable. We advise you to check that out prior to playing the game if you're new to this one.

Bonus features are out of bounds

Nothing of the sort crops up in this game.

Free spins do turn up though

Finding three of the spell books will bring you 10 free games. Finding more brings a bigger prize but you still get 10 spins to play. You'll receive a 'lucky icon' chosen randomly before your games begin. This symbol always spreads to fill its whole reel whenever it appears.

RTP unknown

Despite doing some research, we don't yet have a firm RTP value for this slot game.

Our rating: Did we like the Lucky Legend slot game?

It's a good game, for sure, although it turns out to be another book-themed title. It does at least give a nice spin to it though, and the simplistic graphics make a nice change from the usual and far more complex slots you might be aware of. We're giving it seven points out of 10.

Which symbol offers the biggest prize?

The princess is top of the paytable charts here, offering 5,000x your bet for five appearing on a paid line.

Test the demo first

If you are unsure whether you would like to play the Lucky Legend slot game, the demo gives you the chance to find the answer without risking your budget.

Play for real: Search for a casino offering Lucky Legend today

It won't appear at every online casino, so check which ones do offer this and other games from this developer before you play.

What about playing on a mobile device?

This is an older game so this might be trickier. Check each casino you visit that offers this game, looking at whether they offer mobile slots and whether this one is among them.