Nine Realms Slots

Whenever RTG drops a new slot game, we know there's a lot to check out. Nine Realms might just be one of the best yet from the team thanks to the impressive graphics, detailed gameplay, and lots of other features within. If you want to know more, we have the info for you right here.

Secure prizes worth up to 2,500x your bet

If you do well, warrior, you could end up walking away with the top prize of 2,500x your wager. Few will manage this feat, but there are lots of other varied prizes in the paytable for Nine Realms.

Play from 243 ways in the Nine Realms online slot game

Yes, that is the starting quantity in the base game. If you reach the free games by finding a scatter on each of the final three reels, you'll enjoy 78,125 ways to win. It's not a Megaways game but it really doesn't need to be, does it?

The standard format of Nine Realms is the usual 5 x 3 format. However, when you get to the free spin round, you'll end up with a 7 x 5 format, thereby allowing room for all the winning ways in these spins.

Expect lots of bonus features in Nine Realms

The base game features a Mystical Zone on the middle reel. Find a warrior completely within that zone and you'll change all other warriors in view into the mystical warrior. You'll then receive a relevant prize. If you reach the free game feature, the Mystical Zone gets bigger… covering the whole of reels three, four, and five in this case.

Elsewhere in the game, you can randomly trigger the Gatekeeper Portal feature. The portal appears in varying sizes, with more possibilities coming forward if it appears in the free spins round. In any case, though, you can expect to see helmets in those positions. They will change into identical warriors in this Nine Realms bonus feature. As you might guess, once the warriors are in position, the game will award whatever prizes you've won.

Will you explore the Nine Realms slot game?

This looks set to be a massive hit for RTG - and potentially for the players who are ready to try it. With unusual features never before seen in RTG slot games, could this soon be a fast favorite for you, too?