Are You Brave Enough to Play Jack the Ripper Slots?

Every slot game has a theme, and in Jack the Ripper it is pretty easy to work out what that theme is. While the game doesn’t get too gruesome, it does have images of Jack on the streets of London, not to mention a logo where some of the words are formed in dripping blood.

It’s not all gruesome here though – there are some significant prizes to be won and great elements to look out for.

How many reels and paylines can you look forward to?

There are 25 lines in action on this five-reel slot. This means you have a good chance to create more than one winning opportunity over the span of those 25 lines.

How much could you bet on this online slot game?

There is a pretty good range of line bets here, from one cent all the way up to five dollars. This means the top bet would be $125, but if that’s too rich for you, opt for a one-cent bet across all the lines for a 25-cent total bet instead.

Does Jack the Ripper have a range of special symbols?

Yes – the wild is quite literally the word wild written in blood on a wall. Jack the Ripper – the logo, not the man – is the scatter. Five wilds pay the highest, with 2,000 coins in this instance if you bet a single coin on that line.

It’s worth getting more scatters too, since three of these will win you five free spins. Jack himself can appear on the reels after these spins. If he does, he can slash a particular symbol to transform it into a wild. The good news is he could do this to as many as 15 symbols!

Can you expect a bonus round?

Surprisingly no – we were expecting one, since this game has clearly been well thought out. A bonus round would fit in well in this case. But sadly, it was not to be the case.

Download Jack the Ripper slots today if you dare!

Even without a bonus round, the Jack the Ripper slot has enough going for it that you’ll want to give it a try. The graphics are amazing – very detailed and definitely in keeping with the theme. If you try it, you might find it becomes one of your favorite games – especially if you win the random jackpot at the same time!