Betsoft Gaming Launches Its Brand New 4 Seasons Slots Game

Betsoft Gaming is an inspiring market leader and pioneer on the field of cinematic 3D casino games. This powerful and well-known software developer will soon add a brand new and exciting video slot title to its already impressive Slots3™ collection. The name of this new Chinese Zodiac themed video slot machine title is Four Seasons Slots. The cutting-edge features and beautiful 3D models from this game, will definitely attract many slot game enthusiasts. And by playing this game, they will certainly become even more loyal to Betsoft.

The Basic Elements Of The Game

Four Seasons is a lovely new slot game with a total of 5 reels and 30 profitable win lines. Betsoft Gaming made it as stylish tribute to the Chinese Zodiac, and the 12 animals that represent the years on this Zodiac. The game has all the charming animals and it offers a lot of enticing (bonus) elements like the Yin Yang free spins feature and the Lucky Gold Cat wilds. The Seasonal Wheel is one of the most eye-catching features in this game.

The Lucrative Seasonal Wheel

The Seasonal Wheel shows the 12 cute Zodiac animals. This wheel always turns after 30 slot reel spins, and then it marks a new month and a new Golden animal. This Golden animal comes with a lucrative ten times multiplier. The animals that are placed to the right and to the left of this Golden symbol, also increase in value when the wheel turns. They become Silver and are then worth five times their initial value. Besides money rewards, the turning Seasonal Wheel also adds some artistic delights to the game.

Changing Artistic Designs Add To The Beauty Of This Game

Every time that the Seasonal Wheel turns, the stylishly designed game background changes into a different design. This always happens after a player spins the slot reels 90 times. The changing of the background represents the changing of the seasons. The artistic background diversity gives a nice graphical touch to the game.

Slot Games With Similar Themes

Casino players who love the special animal Zodiac theme from the new Betsoft 4 seasons slots title, will also be able to play and enjoy similar online games. One of those games is Chinese Zodiac Online Slot from casino software provider Spade Gaming. This enjoyable title has 5 reels and 20 win lines. Lucky Zodiac Slot from the Microgaming team is also a good pick. This game has also 5 slot reels and 20 pay lines.

Gamblers Should Pay Attention To The Lucky Zodiac Elements

Gamblers should certainly check which Chinese Zodiac animal represents their birth year. Every animal is connected to certain lucky aspects and objects. Slot game players should especially pay attention to certain colors, dates, numbers and directions. It might become their lucky gambling day, when they pick the right moment and the right elements, before they start spinning the reels to make some extra cash with the brand new Four Seasons Slots game.