Black Lotus Casino Invitation Code

Spotting a black lotus flower - or at least one that appears in black and white - is an obvious introduction to the Black Lotus Casino. The golden logo completes the appealing look of the site, but you should stop for a second before attempting to join.

This casino has some code opportunities that you can use to help you create an account. Quite often, if you're going to join a casino, you can collect a bonus if you have the right code to use to get it. We'll look at how that works for Black Lotus Casino here.

A sneak peek of some slots to play at Black Lotus Casino

You won't need to leave the homepage to find out about the depth of the available slots at this casino. Fortunately, we can review a few for you right here.

The Prize is Right - hopefully - in this game!

Prizes are the name and the aim in any slot game. This one, though, gives you a neat gameshow appearance to enjoy. Meet the host with the cheesy grin and see how far you can go when you're ready to explore some action on the reels at Black Lotus Casino.

You are cordially invited to Upper Crust Abbey…

If you ever watched the TV show Downton Abbey, you'll get some of the amusing references in this slot game. It's a quirky and entertaining slot based in an abbey, with staff and residents alike contributing to the action on the reels. Can you net any prizes along the way?

Fairy Dust Forest is dusted with delights

A fairy is the obvious choice for the imagery accompanying this game, and it works nicely in front of a view of the forest. Fairies are magical creatures, so can we assume there are some wonderful and magical prizes for us to find as we make progress across the reels?

What is an invitation code?

This is a code you can use to join a casino. Not all casinos have them, and there can be some variety in the codes you find and use. For example, at Black Lotus Casino, you've got some codes right there on the landing page. This means you don't need to look that far to spot just what you need.

How can you find an invitation code for Black Lotus Casino?

When you arrive on their homepage, you'll see two codes - one for a match bonus and the other offering you $30 free. If you want to claim the invitation to collect a bonus when you sign up, make sure you copy and paste the code you want to use in the box when creating your account and depositing at the casino.

What should you do once you've found one?

Whenever you visit a casino, you should see a box where you can add a coupon or invitation code if you've got one. Make sure you check these details before using a deal, so you're sure you are following the correct steps.

Can you pick up other codes to get bonuses once you've joined?

Yes, just check the promotions area for all the existing deals along these lines. You can see the list at the bottom of the Black Lotus Casino website.

Bitcoin bonus codes give another possibility

We spotted that one of the promotions at the casino involved Bitcoin deposits, so it is far easier than you might think to get some amazing offers at Black Lotus.

How to deposit at Black Lotus Casino

They have a range of options, although the ones you see could well depend on your location. That's why it is best to sign into your account, so you can check the ones appearing in the cashier there.