Milk the Cash Cow Slots

The expression to milk the cash cow actually does come from the cows. Farmers of old made their money from milking the cows and selling the milk at inflated prices that gave them a good income. Milk the Cash Cow Slots game is a tribute to all those farmers that made money from milking cows and continue to make money from their cows.

The Winning Payouts

This game has three reels and one payline. The cow is a wild symbol that when appearing on the payline to complete a winning payline can triple the payout for that spin. Players can place single coin bets, two coin bets or three coin bets per spin. The highest payout is awarded for a three coin bet and three of the cow symbols on screen. Players receive 10000 coins for this. With a two coin bet the player receives 4000 coins and with a single coin bet the player receives 2000 coins. Other symbols in the game include a milk pail, piles of dollar bills, single bars, double bars and triple bars.