Orbital Mining Slots

There’s a whole lot of science fiction news at the moment and that’s mostly down to the imminent launch of the all new Star Wars movie, and although here we don’t have news for you of a Star Wars online slot, we can bring you news of the next best thing. A fantastic new outer space and sci-fi themed online slots has been released and Orbital Mining brings a superb futuristic theme to the reels, and we have to say that the characters on these reels would grace any Hollywood film set. Orbital Mining is a 5 reel video slot that’s packed full of colorful creations from outta this world, and it’s available right now in some of the best online casinos.

When spinning the reels of Orbital Mining it’s your task to help save the universe from the extraterrestrials that are mining in deep space! You’ll get paid handsomely for your efforts and the experience will be an exhilarating one, with plenty of ways to boost up that deep space slots bankroll. The graphics on Orbital Mining slots really are very good and the backdrop is superbly designed. Each symbol is unique to the game and you’ll find a stack of spacey features with a freespins round that can provide up to 33 spins with a massive x6 multiplier, however it’s the sublime bonus round where the graphics and animations really come into their own. The Orbital Mining bonus round gives you the chance to bring back some of those mined and smuggled goods and each time you retrieve something you’ll get big cash prizes.

Orbital Mining is a quality online video slot and a must play game for all sci-fi slots fans, and some of the graphics are astounding, especially during the interplanetary bonus round. The theme is one that brings plenty of life to the game and the freespins round, should you hit those max spins really can pay well. Check out Orbital Mining slots , it’s a space age slot that we think you might just like.