Space Traders Slots

We get to see a man and a robot in the opening image for this slot game, so we guess they are the space traders mentioned in the title for this Revolver Gaming slot.

This is also an unusual game to check out – not because it bears a space theme, since we’ve seen that before. If you have tried a few slots from this developer, you might guess where it differs from lots of others. If not, allow us to explain.

Reels and paylines

This 3D slot game uses a 3 x 3 grid format. However, each one of the icons is shown on a reel. That means there are nine reels in play and no paylines. Confused? Don’t be – it’s a great game.

How easy is it to play the game?

This game was designed using the Revolver Gaming partnership of HTML5 and Unity. The developers are known for producing games that render beautifully on mobile devices, so you won’t be disappointed.

Space Traders special symbols

The game features several symbols, and each spin sees one of the 10 eligible ones chosen to be the Lucky symbol. If three or more of the chosen symbols appear on that spin, they will lock in position. You can then watch as the rest of the symbols spin again. If further Lucky symbols appear, those will lock as well.

The respins end when you get a spin where no additional Lucky symbols show up. At this point, you receive a prize for the quantity of Lucky icons you found in that part of the game. However, that prize is granted a 2x multiplier, so it will be bigger than you may at first imagine.

Are there bonus features to look for?

Yes, you can see if you can unlock the Space Junk bonus. This doesn’t sound too promising, but it turns out space junk can be quite profitable! You will see the game’s characters presenting you with various items, and the idea is to try and pick the ones that will bring you the most credits. You can go through up to three sets of items as well, so it might turn into a profitable bonus to play.

Download and enjoy playing the Space Traders slot today!

Space Traders uses a format we’ve seen before in Revolver Gaming titles. However, we love it, and we suggest you see if you will love it too.