Pulsar Slots

One-word slot titles always catch the attention. The new Pulsar slot does just the same, but does the game itself follow in those footsteps? Does it hold enough interest to demonstrate why the maker of this slot is a big hit among players? Let’s find out everything we need to know about it before we play.

Who created this slot game?

The Pulsar online slot was created by Realtime Gaming.

Did you know it has a demo too?

There is no need to play the real version of Pulsar until you feel ready. If you want to play the real thing you can, but it’s reassuring to know you have a demo to try as well.

Theme information for Pulsar

It sounds as if it is set in the future, but in truth, it could be in present time. It is set in the furthest reaches of space, so you can guess what the slot looks and feels like. It doesn’t disappoint, for sure.

Does the game have a great design?

We think so, yes. The 2D format works well against the backdrop, managing to add depth even without using 3D elements. There are planets involved here, and you never know, they could result in a prize or two for you as well.

The basic features of the Pulsar online slot game

This one has five reels but offers an unusual appearance. The hexagons surrounding the icons make for a grid-like appearance, although everything works normally regarding the outcome of each ‘spin’. The game doesn’t have any progressive jackpots though.

You won’t find scatters or wilds in this game either. You will find some Neutron Stars – four types – and we’ll cover those in a later section of our review. Another thing to watch for is Cascading Wins. These are good if they work in your favor. The idea is that a spin that gets one or more prizes sees all winning symbols disappear. Yep, you’ve seen this before in other slots and the method works much the same here. If the cascade results in another prize, the same thing works once more. This carries on until nothing else is won, with no limit to the quantity of cascades that could potentially occur.

How many paylines can you play on?

Pulsar has 20 lines and you need to play on all of them in each go, as they’re fixed.

Betting options to choose from

RTG always gives players several options in the betting stakes, and the same applies with this game. You should find a pleasing bet to go with before you play.

Paytable details

The paytable covers all pertinent facts about the game, highlighting prize amounts to be won for achieving certain outcomes in a spin.

Bonus options

While the Pulsar slot doesn’t have a second screen bonus, it does offer Neutron Stars as we mentioned earlier. There are four, each colored in a different way, and each offering a different explosion pattern according to whichever one you get.

Whenever a star appears (and this occurs at random, so you never know when it is going to happen), it has a number on it. This will be one, two, or three. That number of spins will then follow before the star explodes in the pattern denoted by the color. You could end up with more than one star appearing on the same spin, with one star taking out others when it explodes.

No free spins to be had though

There are lots of great features in Pulsar, but free spins are not provided.

RTP not yet known

If it is revealed, we’ll reveal it here too.

How highly rated is the Pulsar slot?

We think this is an 8 out of 10 game, thanks to the unusual features. We didn’t notice the lack of a wild or scatter after a while, as the game had some interesting features to appreciate as we got started.

No potential jackpot winners here

It would be good to see Pulsar offering a progressive jackpot opportunity, but sadly nothing of the sort is available.

Will you play the practice version first?

It’s a good way to understand how those stars work when they appear and subsequently explode, for sure.

Play for real whenever you feel ready

There are lots of Realtime Gaming casinos online today, and they all offer Pulsar among the collection of RTG slots to be played.

Mobile too?

Yes, you can try this slot on tablet or smartphone too if you prefer. Android and iOS are both suitable for this.