World Match and New Table Game Golden Flash

World Match are becoming well known for their online slots offerings, recently launching both Vampire Killers and Farm Adventures. This time round however they have turned their hand to table games with the release of a brand new and unique table game called Golden Flash. World Match themselves say, "Golden Flash is a revolutionary and unique Table Game that delivers a fast and immediate game experience thanks to great usability, but it is also adrenaline-packed and offers tantalizing winnings." The games development company based in Malta bought the distribution rights on the game and have now unleashed what is a pretty cool game. It's a cross between the popular table game of Roulette and a slot machine and has some great features.

Golden Flash Features

The game actually looks like a dashboard on a sports car with five dials laid out in front of you. The aim is to pick five numbers, one on each dial then spin them all and see what drops in. It's like five games of Roulette in one. To start with you determine your bet amount on each of the five wheels, you then pick your numbers and spin. You win when the needle stops in or near to the number you have picked, either the numbers before the picked number, or the numbers after it. OK, so this game does not re-invent the wheel, but it's a little different and a bit of fun. Slots players will enjoy the fast action and it's designed more with those in mind. Like all World Match games players can share their scores and thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. It's a different addition to the World Match portfolio and interesting to see if it catches on.