WinADay Online Casino's Penny Slots Are A Facebook Frenzy

Facebook went crazy as soon as WinADay online casino announced that they were going to start offering penny slots. Aztec Adventure slots soon became a favorite with penny slot lovers. The top penny slots based on what the players like best were Touchdown, Deep Blue, City Girls, and Sam's Burger but the clear leader was Aztec Adventure. Aztec Adventure was one of the first penny slots offered by this casino.

Penny slot players loved these and wanted more so the casino released five more penny slots. The casino gave them what they wanted with the release of Wild West, Safari Park, Beauty Salon, Vikings, and Monster Trucks. These games can be played with as little as two cents so penny slot lovers can play for hours with very little cash.

WinADay Casino has an area that is labeled for penny slots which can be easily found in the lobby. In addition to the growing number of penny slots they also have many other casino games including standard slots, including the new Alice in Wonderland.