Are You Taking Part in the Twelve Days Tournament?

We're all gearing up for a fantastic festive season this Christmas, but there comes a time after Christmas Day is over that everything feels a little flat. If you know what we mean and you're looking to perk things up a little after Christmas this year, you may want to pay a visit to Liberty Slots and Lincoln Casino.

Both these online casinos are taking part in the fabulous Twelve Days Tournament, referring of course to the 12 Days of Christmas. These run from December 25th all the way through until January 5th, so it is the ideal way to generate some excitement once you've plowed through the turkey and you want something else to do!

What is the Twelve Days Tournament all about?

This tournament runs for 12 days and it focuses on the game X Marks the Spot. This is a great slot game you'll really enjoy playing, especially as it has a bonus game to try for as well as the main gameplay.

Is there a buy-in to the tournament?

There is - a mere $5 will grant you entry. Once you are in you can enjoy playing throughout the 12 days.

What is on offer for the winner of the tournament?

If you are the lucky person to win the Twelve Days Tournament, either at Lincoln Casino or at Liberty Slots, you will win $1,000! Just imagine what a great start that would be to the New Year.

There is a tournament page on both these websites, so if you access that page from the link at the top of the page, you can find out more about the entry to the tournament and how to do it.

Now is a great time to join one of these casinos!

Since Christmas can feel a little flat once the build-up to the big day (and the big day itself) are over, why not treat yourself to a great gaming experience at one of these casinos? Joining the tournament is the ideal way to have a shot at a jackpot as well as playing the game itself.

So mark the date on your calendar and get ready to take part in a great tournament to see out 2015 and usher in 2016. Could you be the lucky person to scoop the $1,000 jackpot on offer in the Twelve Days Tournament?