Free $10 Casino Chip

Every gambler who has not yet started playing his or her favorite casino games for real money has a reason; some distrust technology and others believe they are not tech savvy enough to maintain an online casino account. However, more and more online casinos are offering both current and new players the option to play with the house's money, and it's easy to take advantage of these opportunities. While some restrictions do exist, potential cash players can explore real money gaming without spending their own money.

$10 in Free Play is a Good Place to Start

While casinos offer many different no-deposit promotions, a free $10 chip is a good way for players to get their feet wet in online gambling. $10 may not seem like much, but with the advent of penny machines and the like online, it can actually go a long way. It's a good idea to start small with $10 free chips because like everything else in the world, the more you are given the more restrictions there may be. Small no deposit bonuses usually come with easier to understand rules and restrictions, making it simple for first time online players to learn how online gaming works. No matter the size of a no-deposit bonus, the player should always make sure he or she understands the limitations of promotions before playing.

U.S. Friendly Casinos are Finally Catching Up

Casinos that are accessible to players in the U.S. have shied away from free play until recently, but with the list of casinos open to U.S. residents growing larger, more casinos have started to offer no-deposit free play, and the number will is likely grow in the future. The following U.S. friendly casinos are currently offering a $10 free play chip with no deposit required. Some casinos require a code to access free play, but many do not.

Great Places for U.S. Players to Start

The following list is of U.S casinos that are well-established and currently offering a $10 no-deposit bonus to players:

It should be noted that both Slots.LV and Bovada are currently offering two different $10 free play chip promotions. Slots.LV has a standard no-deposit bonus as well as a Facebook promotion for $10 in free play. Bovada is offering $10 in free play in the casino and a promotion for their mobile slot games.

Players Need to Know the Rules and Restrictions

As with many things, no-deposit bonus casino play does come with rules and restrictions that vary between casinos and even between different offers from the same casino. Players would be wise to make sure that they understand the limitations of any casino promotion to ensure that there will not be any issues later on. The promotions described here are only a small amount of the possible free casino play available; gamblers can use this as a stepping stone to other promotions until they find a casino where they would like to make a deposit. Play smart and have fun.