Get more bonuses at Lincoln Casino!

There are plenty of assorted reasons why you might want to join Lincoln casino. But there are more reasons than ever when you are a member of this great casino in April this year.

Lincoln casino is running a special promotion called Get More Bonuses, and we don't think we have ever come across a better title for a promotion anywhere else! The idea is that you can get more bonuses throughout April if you make the most of depositing cash in your account throughout the week.

How does this work?

Separate bonuses are available on various days of the week. For example, if you make a deposit on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, you can enjoy between 50% and 120% on top of the amount you put into your account.

For instance, if you put $50 into your account on one of those days, you'll get a 50% bonus on top of it. Furthermore, if you put $100 into your account, you can get a 100% bonus. If you can deposit $200, you'll qualify for the maximum 120% bonus.

The website includes a chart that shows you how much you have to deposit in each case to qualify for the associated cash bonus.

What about other days?

They also have a Get More Friday bonus, which as the name suggests, is deposited on a Friday to all players who make a qualifying deposit on that day. Again, look at the information on the website to determine exactly how much you can look forward to as a bonus amount when you deposit the right amount in your account.

It's a great way to boost your account in April

There are some great deals available when you are a member of Lincoln Casino this April. When you consider how many games there are to play as well, this could be a great opportunity to start playing all manner of great games throughout April.

You'll have to read the terms and conditions associated with these deposits, of course, but you will no doubt make the most of having the extra cash in your account. You never know how many prizes you might win while enjoying the additional money. With so many slot games and other gaming opportunities available to you, it makes sense to boost your account a little more this April, wouldn't you say? Make sure you check out the chance to enjoy another bonus this April.