PointsBet Bonuses

If the name PointsBet doesn’t mean anything to you, that is about to change. We’re going to give you a brief overview of the site before moving on to discuss some of the bonuses you could get there.

One thing you should know upfront is that PointsBet is pretty new to the US. They’re established in Australia, but they’ve moved in on the US market, and that has gotten them some headlines. Are those good or bad headlines? Well, we’re going to check out the potential in more detail here.

Make sure you understand their betting process before you start

We say this for good reason. PointsBet has created the new PointsBetting way of wagering on your favorite events. That much makes sense. Here’s how it works. It’s not the same as fixed odds betting because it works on variable odds throughout the game. This continues until the end of whichever game, match, or event you are betting on.

The deal works on points, and there is a page on the website that explains this in greater detail. It also has a sliding scale to show you how the final score for a match could influence your wager. For example, let’s say you bet on an NBA match and guess that the final score will amount to 180 or more points scored between the teams. If you get that right, you win. However, with PointsBetting, the greater the score is over the amount you guessed, the bigger your prize. Conversely, the lower the score is if you lose your guess, the more you would lose.

We recommend checking that page and making sure you fully understand the deal before trying it.

Featured and In-Play sports featured on the landing page

You can tell plenty about a sportsbook website from the second you arrive. The PointsBet website look promising in this way. They’ve hidden the menu away in the top left corner, yet it is easy to reach.

Below the deals that appear near the top of the page, you can see some featured matches and events. You can also switch between these and In-Play matches and sports.

Among the sports you can bet on are football, golf, basketball, baseball, and hockey. So, if it is sounding good thus far, you’ll want to know more about the bonus potential too, right?

Where are the promotions hiding?

All you need to do is to go into the menu, behind the three red lines in the top left corner of the PointsBet site and choose promos. You’ll then get a new page listing all the available promos you can use.

A great deal for new customers only

If this applies to you, you can claim $1,000 on signup without risking your cash on your bets. This covers two bets at no risk, with each one offering up to $500 as a refund if you lose your wager. The refund is given in free bets, so you can use them again.

Stay alert for time-limited deals and bonuses

When we checked out the promotions at PointsBet, we noticed that the first couple of deals there were limited in some way. For example, one of them was limited to the first 500 claimants. The other revolved around NFL Playoffs.

This means you can expect up to date deals and offers for all major sports when it is right to offer them. If one of your favorite events is coming soon, check the promotions page to see if any special deals might lurk there.

Overtime insurance for NHL matches

If you plan to make a wager on an NHL game, you can do so in advance and get up to $50 back if your chosen team loses in a penalty shootout or in overtime (not in the regular part of the match).

Get $100 whenever you refer a friend who deposits

This is a great deal that benefits both of you. When you sign up to join PointsBet, you get a unique link you can send to anyone you want to refer. If they decide to join the site and deposit $50 or more, they and you receive $100 in free bets to place on the site.

Try some new parlay bets for NBA

This is a new addition to the PointsBet offer. The app gives you lots of ways to parlay, so once you are in the event page on the app, you can check out the potential of this offer.

You can make multiple bets on a single game and enjoy a parlay booster. More information on both these options is inside the relevant area of their website.

Zero rollover on free bets

Whenever you get a free bet, you usually need to fulfil rollover or wagering requirements to meet the site’s terms. That isn’t the case with PointsBet though. Your free bet winnings never need to be rolled over at all, as per the confirmation on the website. This alone is a major boost to any free wager you might collect along the way.

Start collecting rewards as you go

Rewards programs are common enough at sites like PointsBet, so it’s good to see they do have one. You can earn Rewards Points whenever you make wagers with their site, which gives you something else to look forward to. You can earn points for PointsBetting, parlay bets, and fixed odds bets.

Read more info for any deal you like the sound of

Each promo at PointsBet gives you a ‘more info’ option to choose. If you select this, you’ll get access to all the information you should know about the offer before you claim it. It’s simple enough to read through the numbered terms and conditions to make sure you understand the offer and how it works.

Plenty of betting potential for everyone at PointsBet

We think it might take some time for bettors to get used to the PointsBetting way of wagering on sporting events at the PointsBet site. However, it is reassuring to see so much information on the topic there.

If you want to know more, visit the site today and head for the promotions page and the What is PointsBetting page. Both are going to help you work out if this is the site that is ideal for you.