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If you haven’t yet heard about MuchBetter, sit tight. We’re going to explain more about what it is, how to use it, and why you should think about using it. If you’re a member of one or more online casinos, switching to MuchBetter as your chosen payment option could be a great move. You’ll find out more about it here, and we’ll continue to update this page as we get further information that we think you’ll want to know about.

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Are you curious to know which casinos accept MuchBetter? We’ve got the lowdown that is going to save you plenty of time. Make sure you stick with us as we review and highlight the best and most trusted online casinos that welcome this payment method. Not all casinos are alike, so it makes sense to benefit from our vast knowledge and experience in this area. We’ll guide you to the best sites where you can use this method to quickly, safely, and easily fund your casino account.

Finding out more about MuchBetter

With a name like this, it has a lot to live up to, so does it manage to do that? MuchBetter has been around since late 2017, and while many casino players still haven’t heard of it, it is making inroads at more online casinos in lots of countries around the world.

MuchBetter is a payment method, we know that much. The element that sets it apart is that it works using a smartphone app. The creators have targeted young people who like to play at online casinos and other gaming sites. This target audience is happy using other smartphone methods of payment, so creating an app specifically for them and this marketplace was indeed a smart idea.

Check out these MuchBetter facts

For a quick rundown of just some of the highlights of the MuchBetter service, here are a few top points to note:

• It’s a payment app for your smartphone • It’s available from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android • It’s free to create a MuchBetter account • You can fund your account and pay with it at selected sites

How does MuchBetter work when you join a casino?

The idea is to find a casino that welcomes MuchBetter as a method of payment. Many notable sites already do, with more joining all the time. We’ll keep you updated on those.

MuchBetter is an e-wallet, so you can use it on your smartphone and enjoy lower fees than you might see with other similar wallets. Indeed, it claims to have the lowest fees of any similar service anywhere in the world.

Deposits and withdrawals all occur quickly, so you won’t be left waiting for your transactions to complete. Inside the app, the screen shows your total balance at the top, with a list of your transactions and requests below. You can move between these with ease, as you’ll see when you download the app. All transactions are dated too, including the name of the site you used for each one.

Two ways to earn rewards

Lots of casino players like to earn rewards as a member of each site they join. These often come from VIP membership or other rewards club programs.

However, when you use MuchBetter, you get rewards by using their service as well. This is a double whammy that puts you in a ‘much better’ position as a casino player. We liked this element among many at MuchBetter, and we think you will as well.

Three steps to start using MuchBetter

Here you go – it’s easy!

1. Visit the appropriate site to download the relevant app for your smartphone (Android or iOS) 2. Open a free account by following the easy steps provided 3. Make your first deposit to fund your account and off you go!

Make sure you confirm your ID

You’ll need to complete this step before you can use the MuchBetter app to fund any casino account you might have. It may seem frustrating to do this, but it shouldn’t take long, and it protects you from any issues. Verification is required from all providers of such services too, so you should already be familiar with it.

How safe is MuchBetter?

We checked out the steps taken to protect your account and were impressed with what we saw. Your account pairs with your device, so it only works in conjunction with that and cannot be used on other phones. You can also review your transactions, meaning no suspicious ones get the chance to progress. You can use touch ID as well, adding a further layer of security.

Check out the four tabs at the bottom of the app screen

These are the most important ones you need to know about. They are:

• Account • Send and receive • Devices • More

You can find other links beyond those, so once you have downloaded the app to start with, you should take some time to explore and see where everything is. We liked the design as it is simple and straightforward to move around within the app. When you want to fund your account or make payment at a gaming site, you should find it easy to manage… even the first time you do so.

If you need support, MuchBetter supplies it in under an hour

If you contact them during working hours, they promise to get back to you within an hour. The app allows users to send a support ticket, with email responses marked as the preferred way to get back to you for speed and efficiency.

Check out MuchBetter today

It could be a much better way to use your favorite casino account. If you’re thinking of joining another casino or a new one, see if they welcome deposits and withdrawals via MuchBetter before you do so.

And of course, that’s something we can help you with!