Super-Hero Slots Now Available at Thanks to Playtech Gaming is a full subsidiary of the Mohawk Online Limited gaming organization that is available in Canada through its brand. This casino that is a leader in its field will be the first in Canada to offer the Playtech games. Playtech operates over 140 licensed gaming operatives around the world and it is the leader in slots and online casino games. Its latest venture that is now offered at the offers slots based on the super heroes of the Batman TV series, Superman 2, Green Lantern and Man of Steel to name just a few. It also produces games based on the Warner Bros trilogy of movies that includes the Dark Knight.

The Smooth and Sleek Mode of Operation of the Games

What makes these new games special from any other slots is not just their mode of operation that is sleek smooth and fast but also the fact that the player is partial to the jackpot that links all of these games. There are a number of varying jackpots that link these games and the player is eligible to win any or all of them when playing the new slots games. The exciting new titles include Batman & the Joker, Batman & Cat woman Cash, Batman & the Penguin Prize and many other exciting titles. Players may preview these games and try them out before committing to the casino and games. The management of Playtech gaming together with Sportsinteraction are excited to launch these new style games that include excerpts from the original movies with theme music keeping the players happy as the reels spin. Players will enjoy these games and benefit from fantastic winning opportunities that will give them full entertainment and anticipation to see what else will be coming from Playtech in the future.