Einstein Eureka Moments Slots

Einstein is famous for many things. Shouting out, ‘Eureka!’ in the bath is not one of them, though – that was someone else. It looks as if we’re going to focus on far more than just that moment in this slot game though, as the title suggests is the case. This game comes from Gameiom, probably not an outfit you’ve heard of. Hang on, though – this game is worth a shot if you’ve got the time.

Top marks for presentation for starters – the game gives us five reels, each with a darkened background, on which the various icons pop right out at you. There are 20 lines here, and you can see various equations written on the backdrop to the game. A cartoon version of the man himself appears next to a chalkboard to the left of the reels, while all your controls appear underneath them. So far, so good.

There is a wild here, shown as the word in red in a ball filled with electricity. Only the Einstein bonus icon cannot be substituted by this. If you manage to find three of those bonus icons, you can play one of four bonuses. Your bonus will be selected by Einstein. Each one has a charming name – Newton’s Free Spins, Edison’s Enlightening Bonus, Bell’s Multiplier Bonus, or Darwin’s Evolution Bonus. You get free spins in each one, with a different feature included for good measure too.