The Showman Slots

You may well do soon, as this is the title of a new game that will surely appear in several online casinos soon. Developed by Mutuel Play, The Showman appears to be a performer, much as you might have guessed he would. Is he a magician? It would appear so, as a worried-looking rabbit is peering out of a top hat to the bottom right of that image.

His assistant appears to the left of the set of five reels as you begin play. Look out for top hats, a guillotine, some handcuffs, and various other items the Showman uses in his tricks. The Showman himself appears too, of course, together with the game logo displayed over the top. As you might suppose, he is the game’s substitute symbol. The game features a randomly triggered Magical Reappearing Reel which sounds promising, although we have yet to see it in action.

This is one of many games based around the theme of magic, but it has enough in play to make it entertaining and interesting to see. That magical reel feature can spread to more than one reel on a spin too, and it looks as though it will be a good one to find. We also saw him add lots of wilds to the screen, so that is something else to look for. This game is truly magical!