Flowers Christmas Edition Slots

Flowers is a basic theme for a slot game, wouldn’t you say? We have seen some dedicated festive slots already, but occasionally we also get a festive version of an existing slot to play as well. That is the case with Flowers Christmas Slots Edition, a game that looks very festive and is sprinkled with a healthy dose of snow too.

Expect those flowers to appear under a blanket of snow, and perhaps for some other familiar sights to appear too.

Reels and lines

We have a 30-line game in play here, with fixed paylines rather than variable ones. That requires five reels to be present.

Choose from these coins

The bets begin from just one cent per line. If you want to bet a lot more than that, the highest you could reach for one spin is $75.

Flowers Christmas Edition special symbols

A snowflake with a Santa Slots hat on appears as the wild for this slot. Meanwhile, you will also see a free spin icon which looks like… well, is it a cold blast of wind wearing a smile? It might be a cloud… We’re not sure, but it is labeled, and it can appear with one or two characters on it as well.

Are there bonus features involved as well?

Yes, you can win some free games by finding enough of the free spin icons to make it happen. You will need at least four icons to do this, so watch out for the doubles which count as two. Finding four, five, six, seven, or eight of them will grant you between 10 and 30 free spins depending on the number found. If you do manage to trigger some free games, they will always come with triple-value prizes, thanks to the 3x multiplier you will receive.

These free spins also include stacked wild icons. You will also get the chance to find more free spins to play if you can find another four or more clouds during play.

Download and play the Flowers Christmas Edition slot today

This is very similar to the original Flowers game you may have played. However, the Christmas theme is a good one and there is plenty of entertainment to be had here. Watch out for the singular and double free spins icons though – you may find you get three individual ones when this would not trigger the free spins you are looking for.