Cash Grab Double Bonus Video Poker

Cash Grab Double Bonus Video Poker is one of the most exciting and forward thinking video pokers to be launched to date. Players who are familiar with Video poker will immediately understand how this game works. Players are invited to place bets, according to their own personal budget. Coin sizes range from $0.02 up to $100 allowing players with every level of budget to enjoy the game. Players can also choose to place single coin bets up to five coins per bet. It is always beneficial to place the maximum bet where possible i.e. the maximum number of coins to give the player the best opportunities. The player is awarded payouts according to the hand that he manages to draw, he is allowed to hold cards between deals and when he has won a hand, this game offers him a double up feature. When playing the double up feature, players are presented with one card out of the five on the screen and are invited to choose another, if the card is higher than the card on show, the player doubles his winnings, if it is lower, and he loses his winnings for that hand.

The Random Progressive Jackpot

The most exciting aspect of the Cash Grab Double Bonus Video Poker game is that it has a random progressive jackpot. This random progressive jackpot is constantly changing according to the number of players that place real money bets, the more players that place bets the more the jackpot grows. For each winning hand, there is a different amount of progressive jackpot available that is constant changing. The highest hand and hence the highest random progressive jackpot in this game is the Royal Flush. A natural Royal Flush with a five coin bet awards players 4000 coins and it can also award the players that random progressive jackpot that can strike at any time. The beauty of a random progressive jackpot is that players never know when they may win it, therefore giving them more inspiration to keep going and enjoy the game even more. After the Royal Flush, the next highest hand is the Straight Flush, followed by four Aces, Four of a Kind, a Full House, a Flush, a Straight, Three of a King, Two Pairs and Jacks or Better. Playing Cash Grab Double Bonus Video Poker offers players all of the excitement of a video poker with options to hold and draw as they please together with the incredible random progressive jackpot that can strike at any time when the playing has a winning hand, giving the player even more chances to win.