Jackpot 7 – Will it Produce Some Winning Numbers?

Most people love the thrill of a live lottery game. But most of the time you have to wait until one is ready to be drawn on the TV.

Not so with Jackpot 7 at the Bovada Casino though! In this case you can enjoy the thrills of a live game right on your own computer screen, whenever you are in the mood to play. Once you have downloaded and tried this game once, you’ll want to play Jackpot 7 over and over again!

Let’s find out more about it.

How does Jackpot 7 work?

The game is based on a series of numbers – seven in all – that are drawn at random from the game machine. You will see a series of seven numbers spinning at the top of the screen before they are drawn.

It’s up to you to select a number from one to nine for every position in the table below. You need to pick seven numbers to fill up a single line. You can play from one to seven lines per game.

What are the minimum and maximum bets available for Jackpot 7?

Every game has a standard 2.00 bet. This means that if you play two lines you will wager 4.00 in total, and if you play all seven you will wager 14.00 overall.

What do you get for matching the numbers?

The good news is you only have to match one number to win a prize. The more you can match on a single line the bigger the prize will be.

If you manage to match all seven numbers on a single line, you get the jackpot amount of 30,000!

An ideal game for lottery lovers

Make no mistake – if you love the lottery you will love the idea behind the Jackpot 7 game. It brings some of the live excitement to your game play.

It’s certainly easy to play because once you have keyed in your chosen numbers all you have to do is hit the big ‘play’ button to begin. This stops the numerical display above and chooses the seven numbers you have to try and match yours to.

Download and play Jackpot 7 now!

This is simple, effective and superb fun to play. You can easily try a few free games if you like, but you will soon want to play for real cash! How much might you win?